Everything about Denmark: information about the country, restaurants, hotels, sights, photos, videos and even online trips around Danish cities. Our website is the endless source of information for you, if you have decided to visit Denmark. The website has collected real experience of those who have travelled around Denmark, their tips on getting maximum enjoyment at the minimum cost.

We invite you to set off for a trip around the history of Copenhagen and discover this wonderful city, often called a "pearl of Scandinavia". Over the time of our travels you will not just visit the most popular sights of the city, but also plunge into the history of wars and conquests, lean about the epoch of slavery in Danish colonies, get to know how the Danes courageously saved over 8 000 Jews during the second world war, what is going on with the Jewish community in Copenhagen, will learn the story of those who emigrated to Denmark, and what makes the Danish people the most happiest nation on our planet.

Today’s Denmark is extraordinary, varied and fabulous in its own way. This is the country with the best European underground, high life standards, rich cultural heritage, clean environment, high technologies in foods, energy, architecture and design. Denmark is the country where people want to come back again and again, where everyone should go at least once in their lives. This is the country where the visitor comes and wants to stay. Therefore, during city tours we will speak not only about the past of Copenhagen, but also about its present and future. These will be stories about people who lived or live in this marvellous city now, stories of buildings and squares, interesting facts and events from the long life of the Danish capital that embraces more than 1000 years.

On our website you will find:
1. Blog — interesting life stories of the Danish society, which will help you better understand the country you have come to.

2. Where to live — here will be discussed all the options of staying in Denmark: from hostels to premium class hotels.

3. Where to eat — quite a topical issue for any traveller. If you want to learn, where you can get good food at reasonable prices in Copenhagen, then this is your section.

4. What to see — a section devoted to tours and sights of Copenhagen. Here you will find the list of the most popular tours, which we arranging for the tourists visiting Denmark. This is also the section, featuring free excursions, hop on/off bus tours, as well as organized guided tours.

Section "Copenhagen for children" is devoted to family tours in Copenhagen. So far this has been an unattended topic, and it is time to elaborate it. Here is the list of places that will be exciting first of all for children, where they will be able to spend their time in Copenhagen merrily and usefully together with their parents. Read more about it here.

Section "Tours outside Copenhagen" will be interesting for those who wish to organize a really exciting family trip around Denmark, i.e. outside Copenhagen. These excursions demand good organization, availability of a car and a guide, who has enough knowledge and stories about the place you visit. Visits to such places will certainly be impressive and memorable for everybody. Read more about it here.

"Extraordinary tours" section will be interesting for those, who like extreme activities and would like to go to one of the most controversial places in Copenhagen. Read more about it here.

Modern Sweden is a titbit for a curious tourist. If you have come to Copenhagen for a few days, then a trip to a Swedish city will be pleasant for a change. All the southern lands of contemporary Sweden, the so-called province Skone, including such cities as Malmø, Lund and Helsingborg were originally Danish territories. In section "Tours to Sweden" we offer you to take tours to the above cities to learn: what the province of Skone is, what the locals think of themselves, what the medieval Denmark looked like and what modern Swedish life is full of. Read more about it here.

For those preferring short and budget tours we have "150 euros for excursions" section. I offer you to go on walking city tours and learn about historic, contemporary, hipster, architectural, royal and political Copenhagen. Read more about it here.

We have created a special section, devoted to the search of relatives throughout the Danish Kingdom. If you believe that a relative of yours once lived in Denmark, we are ready to investigate it and find your historic spots and relatives in the Danish Kingdom. See more details in "Find your relatives" section.

5. Danish cities — free online tours around Danish cities. If you have already studied Copenhagen, welcome to other places of Denmark. The best sights of the best Danish cities are shown in photo and video materials.

6. Frequently asked questions section discusses most common questions we get by electronic mail from those coming to Denmark as tourists. Undoubtedly, here you will find many answers to your questions, including those you have't asked yet.

7. Feedback — true experience of those who have visited tours. These are stories about places, emotions and impressions that the tourists who have been to Denmark share with those who are just planning their trip. Read, learn and join... .

8. Tourism for disabled – special tours for special people. The disabled people, are the ones, who, from our point of view, have the right to fully enjoy their time in the Danish kingdom. Therefore, here we have developed a number of programmes designed for the people with limited mobility.

I strongly recommend you to read the "Useful information" section, on the right side of the website. This section discusses what you should take care of before and during your visit, and also everything that you should keep in mind while staying in Denmark to have only positive emotions upon returning home.

We will eagerly help you organize your trip to Copenhagen: explain how public transport works, recommend a good hotel and restaurant, offer you a cultural programme and entertainments. You have done the essential thing – you have come here; we will do the rest to make your visit to the Danish kingdom unforgettable.

Welcome to the world of our tours!!!

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