Welcome to Copenhagen

Dear Traveller, Welcome to ”Denmark Travel”! We are not just a tour company, we are a group of great friends living in Denmark and enjoying sharing our love to this country with others. If you want to see Denmark like a local, explore cosy hidden streets, magnificent palaces, and spectacular scenery, this is the right place!

My name is Maksims and I am the founder of “Denmark Travel” company. In 2006 I moved to Copenhagen and fell head over heels in love with the city and its vibes. I started to learn more about Denmark and created a blog to share some interesting facts I found. I realized that people were interested not only in history of the country, they were very curious about lifestyle of Danes and local tips and tricks. Very soon I met like-minded people and the story of Denmark Travel began.

Maksims Ricalovskis - General Manager at Denmark Travel company
Maksims - general manager

Hello! My name is Maksims. I started my path in Riga, Latvia where I was educated as a lawyer. Then I moved to Denmark, where I studied for several years Tourism and Hospitality Management and since 2006 has been living in Copenhagen. At this moment I fell in love with Denmark so much that decided to stay here, and even more, become a guide. That brought me to the University of Roskilde, where I became a professional guide. The last 8 years I have been working as a guide and CEO in “Viking tours” and “Denmark Travel” companies, meeting new people, discover interesting places with our travelers and telling amazing stories about Copenhagen and Denmark.

Oxana Gerasimova - operational manage at Denmark Travel company
Oxana Gerasimova - operational manager

Hi! I’m Oxana! My mum says that curiosity is my second name, so no wonder I love travelling and exploring the world. I’ve been working for the United Nations for the past 15 years and this allowed me to visit 46 countries, but Denmark will always be my favorite! I’ve lived in Copenhagen since 2015 and every day I keep on falling in love with the city deeper and deeper. My Denmark is a place where old legends and fairytales exist hand in hand with modern and dynamic lifestyle, where cozy old houses host innovative start-ups, where people live happily respecting the past and being optimistic about the future. I love to make people smile and share my love to this country. I will be glad to show you my Copenhagen and tell you all the local tips and secrets I’ve managed to reveal, the stories about the past and today. I will also help you to discover why the Danes are the happiest people in the world!

ALZHBETA ALEKSANDROVA - Сertified Guide and Psychologist at Denmark Travel Company

Hello! I am Alzhbeta. I am a professional guide, a generator of new ideas and a tour developer as well as a mother of three children. I got pedagogical and psychological education, while I was living in Moscow. I was working many years in HR department. Then I met my current Danish husband and moved to Denmark. I am as no one else can get you familiar with the nuances of the Danish culture and mentality, because this is the part of my daily life. I love people, love my job and the city of Copenhagen. It is incredible to live in a city without traffic jams, where the number of bicycles exceeds 5 times the number of cars. You have to experience it and I would love to help you out with this.

IVETTA L'EPISCOPO - Сertified Guide at Denmark Travel company
IVETTA L'EPISCOPO - Сertified Guide

Hello, my name is Ivetta and I come from an international family. At home we use 5 languages - Russian, Latvian, English, Italian and Danish. I appreciate and love music, history and art. I am a professional guide and a violin teacher. I fell in love with this country at the first sight, it happened on my first trip here in 1999 - I had never felt such freedom before! Gusts of fresh wind, splashes of the sea, Danish sandwiches, the way of life of the Danes and the most interesting history of the country gradually made me realize that Denmark is mine. I have been living here since 2004 and every day I receive confirmation that my choice was correct! My heart belongs to Copenhagen, and my days are filled with music, history and good communication with people who come to get acquainted with this amazing city. I love to meet new people, to arrange unforgettable moments for them, sharing knowledge and creating the mood of the celebration of life here and now.

OLGA ZOLIN - Guide and Graduated Art Critic at Denmark Travel company
OLGA ZOLIN - Guide and Graduated Art Critic

Hi! I am Olga and I have been living in Copenhagen since 2013. I love Denmark and Copenhagen in particular. On my guided tours I try to spread my enthusiasm to the city’s guests showing them how charming and special Copenhagen is. I am an experienced guide and have shown the city and its attractions to many groups both small and big. I am proud to say that the guests on my tours have always found the time spent with me informative and entertaining. Besides the historical information on the sites we will visit, I will also tell you fun facts so that the tour will be enjoyable and interesting at the same time.

SVETLANA GALANOVA - guide at Denmark Travel company
SVETLANA GALANOVA - Guide and New Route Developer

Hello! My name is Svetlana. I fell in love with Danmark in 2015, the same year I met my future Danish husband. Since then, I have been exploring culture, history and language of this beautiful country.  At some point, I realized it was time to share all the knowledge I acquired through my research of the subject. That’s how I started working as a guide in Copenhagen and areas around it.  I think that the city is like a painting. You’re reading it layer by layer. You could walk the same street an endless amount of times and then one day you spot beautiful details you haven't noticed before. It can be a small lantern, a king’s monogram or an angel figure. And every time small wonders like that happen, you can feel a new chapter of your relationship with the city is unfolding. The city can see your passion and it slightly reveals its secrets to you. All these discoveries I’d like to share with all the guests who are ready to dive into the city’s past and present with an open heart”.

MARIANNE SCHIBBYE - Certified Guide at Denmark Travel Company

Hello! I am Marianne. I am passionate about the capital Copenhagen and the surrounding regions. I love to experience the past and the present of the capital's cultural and creative hub. My aim is to give a happy, informed and memorable experience. My tours have a focus on the old and new Copenhagen: the history and the architecture, the design and the art, the green spots and the oases, the people and the Danish Lifestyle. I have a lot of insight and knowledge about the different neighborhoods and the diversity of Copenhagen. Also, I offer a variety of tours outside Copenhagen. The tours might therefore also include cycling or using public transportation and walking. Hiring a van or a limousine are also a possibility.

I have lived in Dallas for 6 months and one year in Singapore with my family and I have a great knowledge of similarities and differences between Danish, American and Asian cultures. I have always loved travelling and exploring new cultures. I am curious about life and think that meeting with different cultures enriches your life.


POLINA MARCHEVSKAYA - Guide at Denmark Travel Company
POLINA MARCHEVSKAYA - professional Guide

Hi,I am Polina - I was born and raised in a small city in southern Russia. When the time came to choose the career, I decided to be a scientist, so I started to learn Hebrew, Ancient Greek and Ancient History at Saint Petersburg University. But then, during my travels, I met the love of my life — beautiful Copenhagen. I couldn’t live anymore without its numerous bicycles, charming narrow streets, and magnificent royal palaces. So after finishing my studies, I moved to Denmark and became a tour guide. Now I and Copenhagen are living happily ever after, just like the characters of H.C. Andersen’s fairy tales. I will be happy to share with you my love, passion, and knowledge about the city and its inhabitants.

We believe that good guides can make sun shine for their guests even in rainy weather and make every tour a life experience. We offer customized tours that are all yours: adjusted itinerary, photo-stops, breaks at your convenience. With us you can experience atmosphere of "hygge" and see what is hidden from majority of tourists through our eyes. “Denmark Travel” team consists of professionals who have been working for a long time in tourism, who have lived in Copenhagen for many years, who know this city in and out and will be happy to share this knowledge with you.

Copenhagen is one of the most beautiful capitals of the world, often called "The Pearl of Scandinavia”, a city, that everyone should visit at least once in life. Copenhagen has a lot to offer for curious tourists, where almost everything is within walking distance: sightseeing, observation points, shopping areas, amusement parks, museums. We are proud to be your guide in Copenhagen, ready to show the popular places and “hidden gems”, reveal the secrets of the Danish capital through stories that are waiting to be told. Welcome to Copenhagen - city of happy people!

Enjoy your best moments in Copenhagen with us - Denmark Travel team!