Andersen’s World of Wonders museum

Exposition of the museum of Hans Christian Andersen (H.C. Andersen Eventyrhuset) starts with the gallery, devoted to the period of life of the famous fairy-tale author – Denmark in 1800.

Address: Rådhuspladsen 57, Copenhagen
Web: Andersen’s World of Wonders
Open hours: Sun. - Thur. from 10 am till 6 pm, Fri. - Sat. from 10 til 8 pm.
Admission: adults 85 DKK, children from 11 to 14 years 68 DKK, 4 to 10 years 43 DKK, up to 4 years free of charge. 

It is possible to buy combined tickets to two or three museums besides Ripley’s (Guinness Records, Believe It or Not! and Andersen’s World of Wonders) at a lower price than to buy a single ticket in each of the museums.

Visitors are welcomed with the sounds of the city and the pictures of city life. Then, using three-dimensional animation, you will be able to immerse into the imaginary world of his fairy-tales, where Andersen’s best-known characters become alive. The tour finishes in the gallery of the writer’s heritage, exhibiting his personal belongings and original manuscripts. To the anniversary in 2005 the museum opened 12 thematic galleries, showing interesting facts from Andersen’s life and heroes of his fairy-tales.

Entrance to the Andersen’s World of Wonders museum

Andersen’s World of Wonders museum

Andersen’s World of Wonders museum

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