2 best restaurants in Copenhagen: Noma vs Geranium

What do you know about restaurant "Noma"? We ready to bet that you have not even heard of the second most popular restaurant in Copenhagen - Geranium. Unfortunately, this is the destiny of all runners-up. Today we will look “behind the curtains” of the two best restaurants of Copenhagen and will find out what to expect there when visiting either of them.

Noma – was given two stars out of three in the Red Michelin Guide*. On 26th April, 2010 it was voted "the restaurant of the world" according to the prestigious British magazine "Restaurant" in 2011 and in 2014 it headed the list of the top 50 restaurants worldwide, made by over 800 experts, restaurant critics and chefs

Entrance to the restaurant "Geranium"

The world's best cook - Rasmus Kofoed

Geranium – since 2013 also has been given two Michelin stars out of three possible and, by the way, it may boast for the best cook in the world Rasmus Koefod, who won the full set of awards Bocuse d'Or - at the international cook competition in France: gold in 2011, silver in 2007 and bronze in 2005.

On the websites of both restaurants there is a calendar, where a person can individually book a table online: restaurant Noma and restaurant Geranium. But at the same time there are some things that you should take into account.

In Noma restaurant a table should be booked in advance, at least 6 months, earlier booking will not be accepted. There is an opportunity to get on the waiting list, and if anybody refuses, you will be informed about it. Do not try to write e-mails or call to Noma, the restaurant does not care for answering calls or e-mails.

The situation with the reservation of a table is a bit better in the restaurant "Geranium". To find a table in this restaurant is much easier than in Noma, but it is also desirable to book a table in advance – at least a week before. Geranium restaurant operates 3 days a week, from Thursday to Saturday from 12:00 till 1 a.m. plus additionally at dinner on Wednesday from 18:30 till 1:00.

Inside restaurant Noma

Inside restaurant Geranium

Booking cancelling system.
To confirm your booking you will be contacted by the Noma restaurant representative, who will ask you to indicate the number of your credit card. In case of noshow you will be charged 100 euros for each person who did not turn up. The situation with Geranium is similar. The only difference is in the fact that confirmation of your booking will be texted to your mobile phone. When booking the girl will ask you about possible allergies and taste preferences, Noma does not take care of it, apparently considering that having come, you will be happy to anything. Booking cancellation policy in Noma at least 3 days beforehand, in Geranium one day prior your visit to the restaurant.

Entrance to the restaurant "Noma"

Two of the most popular restaurants are located in Copenhagen, close to downtown, but far enough from each other. Restaurant Noma, located in an old warehouse on the banks of the city canal near Christianshavn district, where for the past 200 years preserved fish, whale oil, hides and other goods, and only in 2004 the warehouse was converted into the North Atlantic House, where the restaurant NOMA was opened the same year.

Restaurant Geranium

Restaurant "Geranium" is located on the 8th floor of a football stadium in the district of Osterport, next to a huge city park and artificial lakes.

"Noma"'s restaurant chefs

Getting to Noma, you will become a part of the performance, get into another world, engaged in a conversation from the entrance, you will served by a waiting team, headed by the head waiter. Taking off your outerwear, you will be escorted to your table and while you are looking around the restaurant simple interior: wooden beams, tables, pads for plates and few visitors, you will be told what to expect and will specify which wine you prefer.

Restaurant NOMA

Noma - the restaurant in town, which has 2 Michelin stars, that imposes certain obligations on staff, interior, food quality, and expectations of the people visiting it. Time flies here, the staff is well trained, you can see, how those people pride to work here in their eyes. The cozy interior, service without interruption and active participation in the preparation of some dishes will make your visit to NOMA unforgettable.

Restaurant NOMA

Restaurant NOMA

Restaurant NOMA

Restaurant NOMA

Restaurant NOMA

Restaurant NOMA

Noma does not have a formal menu. The restaurant serves visitors at lunch from noon to 4 pm and dinner from 7 pm to 00:30 am. By the way, normally the menu in both cases will be identical. There will be around 20 different courses , so studying them will take you around 4 hours. The price of the visit will be some 500 euros per person excluding drinks.

Restaurant Geranium

Coming out on the 8th floor of Geranium restaurant, you will be welcomed by a pretty receptionist who will politely greet you and take your outerwear. 

Restaurant Geranium

You will be pleasantly surprised to discover the scenery outside the window, and a burning fire in the lounge area will create a cozy atmosphere in the restaurant. A minute later the waiter discreetly appear that will take you to the table, ask you about the choice of menu and wine preferences.

Restaurant Geranium

Wherever you sit, you can watch the work of a team of chefs preparing food and than serving it in the open kitchen. Almost everything happens on your eyes, where powerful extractions does not allow any odors from the kitchen penetrate to the public area. The best cook worldwide, Rasmus Koefod, is quite an open person, who manages not only to give instructions in the kitchen but also actively participates in communicating with visitors, plating and presenting different dishes.

Restaurant Geranium

Restaurant Geranium

Restaurant Geranium

Geranium restaurant is more affordable. You can select a 2 or 3 o’clock lunch from the menu or come here for dinner. The 2 o’clock menu consists of 12 dish options and will cost you 90 euros per person excluding drinks, while the 3 o’clock menu includes 18 dish options and will cost 130 euros. Dinner here comprises around 22 dish options and the price is 175 euros excluding drinks per person. The flexibility of the menu, which means that a visit to Geranium will cost you less than to restaurant Noma. 

Restaurant Geranium

Advantages and disadvantages of the restaurants:
The advantages of Noma undoubtedly include its reputation – the best restaurant in the world, a visit to this restaurant will be really memorable. 2 Michelin stars, which means certain commitments for the staff, interior, food quality and expectations of its visitors. Time flies here, the waiters are perfectly trained and all of them have shining eyes showing their pride of the place with they work. Comfortable interior and service with no delays as well as active participation in cooking some of the dishes can also be mentioned as the advantages of visiting Noma.

Restaurant Geranium

Geranium, in turn, may boast its excellent view of the city from the height of the 8th floor. Regardless of the place where you sit, nearly everywhere you will be able to watch the chef team, cooking and plating food in the open kitchen, nearly everything is visible for you, and powerful exhaust hoods do not create any inconveniences even for the tables nearby.

Restaurant Geranium

The biggest disadvantage of Noma is the fact that the restaurant does not answer phone calls and emails. The second serious disadvantage is the price: 500 euros per person, and if you happen to like their wine list then even 500 euros is not the limit. The waiting time does not encourage a spontaneous visit to this restaurant.

The team of restaurant Geranium

Disadvantages of Geranium include more reserved and cool staff and slower service. There is an impression that the closer you are to the end of your meal the lazier waiting staff. High prices, depending on the selected menu and wine the cost of your visit may be up to 300 euros per person, which is not cheap at all. One can also pay attention to different unpleasant trifles, e.g. at Geranium you will not be offered warm wet napkins before the meal like in Noma.

The common drawback, or perhaps a benefit of the above restaurants is that the chefs are not afraid of experimenting with molecular base of the foods, achieving new gastronomic heights and taste shades. However, being not accustomed to such food, it could lead to problems with digestion.

The team of restaurant Noma

Summarizing the aforesaid, we would like to note that a visit to any of these restaurants is good experience of visiting highest class world restaurants, refined food and service, which seems unrivalled. You should treat yourself at least once in your life, especially if you happen to come to Copenhagen.

Video about the restaurant "Noma"

Video about the restaurant "Geranium"

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