It is not easy to travel with children, but you would like to show the world to him or her so much! If you have a feeling that you have already seen everything possible in Copenhagen, and you still have some energy to perceive and learn something new, I offer you to arrange a family guided tour across the Denmark based on the following routes:

1. A trip to Legoland and the waterpark Lalandia. In Legoland everything is made of Lego building blocks – models of the world-known buildings, fairy heroes and even animals and birds – namely, over 40 million blocks. Nearby there is the largest indoor waterpark in Denmark - Lalandia, which is also advised to be visited, as you have already come here. Read more about the trip to Legoland and Lalandia here.

A trip to Leloland and Lalandia

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2. A trip to the shipbuilding museum and the village of Vikings in Roskilde (Vikingeskibsmuseet Roskilde). In the village of Vikings local enthusiasts show their tribute to history, creating replicas of Viking ships. The Vikings museum displays various items of their uneven lives: swords, helmets, armours, axes, teeth of sea creatures, skates made of wild animal bones, as well as dishware of the time. Read more about the trip to shipbuilding museum here.

Поездка в музей кораблестроения и деревню викингов

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3. Trip to the mysterious Kronborg castle (Kronborg slot). This magnificent, severe and inaccessible at first sight castle was erected over 600 years ago. Shakespeare, despite the fact that he had never been to the castle, managed to describe it in his Hamlet tragedy in the way that this place is still visited by over 200 000 tourists per year. Read more about the trip to Kronborg castle here.

A trip to the Kronborg castle

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