Danish architect Bjarke Ingels was awarded for the best residence at the World Architecture Festival (WAF) for his housing project ”8TALLET”, - reports DR.dk referring to the online periodical Berlingske.

In the evening 3 November 2011 the house comprising 476 apartments and living spaces was voted the best in the world. It occurred in Barcelona at the World Architecture Festival, where 700 buildings and projects from 66 countries competed in different nominations.

Copenhagen is not only the city with high life standards and the happiest people on Earth, but it is also the city of contrasts: the city, where the number of bicycles is 5 times more than cars; the city, where drug dealing is next to the Danish Parliament; the city, where nobody works overtime, but everybody has enough money; the city, where modern architecture perfectly matches Danish history and looks harmonious near the architectural solutions made 400 years ago.

We invite you to travel and see architectural Copenhagen. We will visit the area of modern architecture Orestad, where we will look at the buildings, voted in 2008 and 2010 the best in the world at the World Architecture Festival, where some 700 projects from around the world compete every year in different categories for the world title.

We will see the area, which was not existent on the city map just 16 years ago, will go to the centre of the Danish Commerce, a kind of the Danish Manhattan, and here we will start our excursion near the building of the Danish mass media – DR byen, since it was the starting point for the development of Orestad. We will mention the conditions under which the project of the “Danish Manhattan” was conceived, what were the principles and priorities for the city authorities in the 1980s, how it became possible to combine business architecture with residential development, how the Danish downtown indeed turned into the area of experimental architecture and who was awarded the Pritzker Architecture prize, an analogue to the Nobel Prize in this field.

Architecture in Copenhagen:

After that we will go by underground to the very centre of Orestad, where we will see the first industrial and office premises of the area; we will look at the largest shopping mall; the best residential estate in the world in 2010; will learn about the automated library, open 24 hours a day and will visit the experimental high school with futuristic design, a bright example of academic studies, self-consciousness and individual work, where there are practically no classrooms and where students are virtually independent.

At our final stop we will meet the works completed by Danish company BIG, specializing in unusual architecture and building houses around the world. Here this company completed the construction of VM house, made in the best traditions of the Danish openness and transparency, where everything is visible, as well as the ”Mountain” house or, it is also called, apartment – gardens, the project voted the best world architectural solution in 2008. Here we will also visit the biggest hotel in Copenhagen, where from the height of 80 metres we will enjoy the panorama of Orestad. If the weather is good, we will see the bridge running from Denmark to Swedish Malmo, will speak of the future and present of Orestad, people living here, and about other aspects of life that, besides architecture, make Copenhagen a truly unique city.

Tour length: 1 - 1.5 hours.

Tour price: 100 euros for a group of 1 - 5 people, for each additional 15 euros. The metro ticket fare is not included into the tour price (an extra cost).

Specific features of the tour: this tour will be exciting to all people who like extraordinary architecture and beautiful city scenery. You will see the area of experimental architecture, will take the best underground in Europe and will learn what makes Copenhagen so unusual and unique based on the example of Orestad area.

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Metro in Copenhagen

Ørestad district top view

DR byen

"8" building

Orestad district

the biggest shopping mall in Copenhagen

Orestad district

Mountain house or apartment gardens

VM building

VM building

Orestad district

the largest hotel in Copenhagen

Orestad district

Metro in Copenhagen

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