A Hotel for One Visitor to Be Opened in Copenhagen!

The smallest hotel in the world is going to open in Copenhagen. It is designed for one visitor only.

Café-hotel Central will be situated in one of the oldest and most picturesque neighbourhoods, Vesterbro, in Tullinsgade 1. The area of the only room of this hotel will be 12 square meters. The room will be equipped with a large bed, a toilet, a shower and a basin. In addition, the room will have flowers and a free minibar with wine and appetizers, whereas after waking up it will be possible to have breakfast at the table under the stairs, almost outside.

"In fact, one can only relax in bed and go to the bathroom. There is no free space for anything else", say the owners of the hotel. Staying in this hotel will be about $280.

Read more information about hotel "Central" here.


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