Specific features of Danish mentality

There are a number of similarities and differences between us and the Danes. So let’s talk about it here.

* The Danes love their queen and forgive her the only drawback she has – smoking. Margrethe II is always flawlessly dressed, which is not surprising, since she is a designer and creates sketches for theatrical costumes. If you would like to see a distant relative of the Romanovs in person – go to the royal theatre. She attends premieres, at opening and closing theatrical seasons, comes out onto the balcony of Amalienborg palace on her birthday, April 16, to greet her citizens.

* Danish attention to detail regarding their life in community is very touching: if the Danes are going to celebrate something at home in a noisy company, they hang a petition on the news board of their house: saying, please, forgive us in case we disturb you, - we have a special occasion today.

* If it is common in your house to decorate windows and balconies with flower pots, you will be bound to grow flowers, which will be strictly documented in writing.

* The average annual income of a Danish person is around 30 thousand dollars. The homeless that comprise 10% of the working-age population, live on the welfare, which is a little lower than the average salary.

* The monthly payment for children is 5 thousand crowns (around 750 dollars), but the social service may control how you spend the money. Besides, parents are not entitled to leave their children without care for the time of the holiday.

* The dog is man’s best friend, especially in Denmark. The daily payment for dogs is 75 crowns (15 dollars). Therefore, many local alcohol addicts and unemployed "love" animals so much. If you are going to buy a cat, you should be aware of that you are not allowed to leave the animal home alone for a long time.

The dog is man's best friend, especially in Denmark

* In Copenhagen it is not a rarity to come across fixes. Locals even feed them.

* The Danes are afraid of gathering mushrooms, remembering mass poisoning that happened two hundred years ago, but emigrants take full pails of ceps from forests. In the shop a half of a cep costs 2 dollars.

* According to the number of comfortable and indeed clean toilets Denmark has overtaken many countries in Europe.

* Cruise liners in Copenhagen. The port city of Copenhagen attracts tourists. It is possible to go to Norway from here by ferry (a one night journey, a day in Oslo, and the next morning you are back in Copenhagen). This voyage costs around 50 dollars. On weekdays the cruise will cost less. From the central railway (not far from the City hall) station you can go the Swedish Malmo and you can do it all year round. A ferry runs from the Hamlet castle to the Swedish Helsinborg all year round, too. Euroline bus can take you from Copenhagen to Hamburg for a day.

Cruise ships at Copenhagen

* In Denmark there is another unwritten law, the so-called "Janteloven", which the Danes may not like very much, but try to comply with. The core of the law is that any person who wants to position himself/herself higher than the other members of their social group shall be rejected immediately. The Danes are generally intolerant to authorities and despots.

* In this respect many nations are fundamentally different from the Danish one. For many it is quite natural to boast their children’s success — say, how clever they are, how talented, or to speak enthusiastically about a luxurious car, which has just been bought by the wife’s brother, or about an astonishing cottage built by a colleague. We are attracted by everything unusual, everything that can make us stand out of the crowd. For a Danish person this is absolutely impossible.

* The paradox is also that despite the casualness of clothes and easiness in communicating with each other, the Danes show genuine respect to any traditions, existing in their lives and in the life of their community.

* The Danes are famous for their punctuality. A Danish person may appoint a meeting with you at any time and place suitable for you worldwide. The Danish person knows where he or she will spend a holiday in 10 years and what he or she will do in 20 years and what will happen to him or her at the end of life.

Health is the key

* Health is the key. The Danes believe that beauty primarily means health. So everything is aimed at making a person healthy. Everything that makes a person healthier is made cheap. Fruits, vegetables, medicines, sport — all are subsidized by the government.

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