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Copenhagen is considered one of the most expensive cities in Europe, where virtually everything is expensive or very expensive. Search for accommodation is one of the key solutions of the planned holiday. The room should be not just a room but your personal space. Consequently, you would like it to be as comfortable as possible and as inexpensive as possible. In this article will have selected 5 cheapest hotels in Copenhagen to prove that the city is affordable even for thrifty tourists.

CabInn Metro hotel

№ 1. Cabinn Metro**, Arne Jacobsens Allé 2, Copenhagen

This hotel is located in the area of new housing estates Ørestad, which is 7 minutes by train from the central railway station of Copenhagen and two stations from the airport of Kastrup.

Prices: a double room from 615 DKK per night
Web: Cabinn Metro**
Hotel rewies can be seen here

Our opinion on the hotel: the advantages include its design, location and reasonable prices. The disadvantages include the size of the rooms – they are rather small and bad shower boxes.


WakeUp Copenhagen hotel

№ 2. WakeUp Copenhagen**, CarstenNiebuhrs Gade 11, Copenhagen

If you do not mind industrial areas, then you will like a new hotel situated not far from the railway station, just 15-minute walk from the Tivoli park of attractions. The interior was made in the modern Scandinavian style. The rooms are compact (12-15 meters), with free Wi-Fi. If you pay extra 25-30 euros, you will be able to stay on the top floor, which gives a tremendous view of the city.

Prices: a double room from 650 DKK per night
Web: WakeUp Copenhagen**
Hotel reviews can be seen here

Our opinion on the hotel: A good budget option.

Hotel Absalon

№ 3. Absalon Annex*, Helgolandsgade 15, Vesterbro, Copenhagen

Hotel Absalon Annex is located in the fancy area of Vesterbro and it offers rooms 400 meters from Tivoli park and the central railway station in Copenhagen.

Prices: a double room from 650 DKK per night.
Web: Absalon Annex*
Hotel reviews can be seen here

Our opinion on the hotel: the area of Helgolandsgade and Istergade streets may be rather dangerous, therefore, when it gets dark it is not recommended to walk alone. A good budget hotel but only for a couple of days.

№ 4. Ibsens Hotel***, Vendersgade 23, Copenhagen

Ibsens Hotel

The hotel is situated on the corner of the most fancy street of Copenhagen - Nansensgade, next to the lakes surrounding the centre of the city. Nørreport underground station and pedestrian Strøget street are located 500 metres from this hotel.

Prices: a double room from 750 DKK per night.
Web: Ibsens Hotel***
Hotel reviews can be seen here.

Our opinion on the hotel: a small pleasant hotel in all respects, suitable for thrifty people.

Hotel Christian IV

№ 5. Hotel Christian IV***, DronningensTværgade 45, Copenhagen

This hotel is located in the Old town of Copenhagen, just 60 meters from Rosenberg castle and the Royal garden. The guests will be provided with flat TVs in their rooms, a bike hire office and free Wi-Fi.

Prices: a double room from 1100 DKK per night including breakfast.
Web: Hotel Christian IV***
Hotel reviews can be seen here.

Our opinion on the hotel: It is very conveniently located, it serves delicious breakfasts, but it is not the least expensive option though not the most luxurious either.

If these hotels are not exciting enough for you, why not try "Where to live" section, where you will find the best hotels of Copenhagen, to our mind, in terms of the price/quality ration. That is also the place to learn about the tourists’ feedback on these hotels. 

Have a nice hunting for discounts!

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