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Our world is not as big as it was 20 years ago. High technologies, jets, low – cost carriers have made international tourism quite ordinary pastime. I invite you to travel around Denmark – an extraordinary, diverse, in a way unique and fabulous country. This country can boast its best underground in Europe, high life standards, rich cultural heritage, clean environment, high technologies in foods, power engineering, architecture and design. So, I offer you 7 wonders of Denmark, which are must-sees.

Denmark's Queen Margaret1. Copenhagen is one of the most hospitable cities in the world – it is beautiful and safe, it is a Royal city with the residence of the oldest monarchy worldwide. Historic royal palaces and city houses, determining the face of the city, attract visitors of Copenhagen not less than its posh restaurants and modern housing developments. A merchant port city is combined with the passion for fine arts. Copenhagen dwellers love their traditions, but are quite tolerant to non-standard phenomena and even indulgencies. Many citizens travel around Copenhagen by bike since it is faster and cheaper. Moreover, even the infrastructure itself encourages it. More on city ”Go bikes” read here.

The Lille mermaid

2. The Sculpture of the Little Mermaid, which was exhibited at the World Exhibition in China (2011) has deserved to be considered the symbol of Copenhagen. Its author, sculptor Edward Eriksen conveyed Mermaid’s longing and innocence brilliantly. Having endured severe suffering for the sake of her love to the prince – a human being, she refused from her fish tail and became speechless, but this love was not to become mutual. You may also visit other 18 sculpture devoted to the fairy-tales by H.C. Andersen in the town of Odense (author’s native town). Out of all the statues a dog with large eyes is especially pretty (from “The Tinderbox”). Its eyes are of the Round Tower size.


The photos of Odense and a video tour around the city may be seen here.

A dog from Andersens fairu tale “The Tinderbox”

3. Danish beer and gastronomy of Copenhagen. No other Scandinavian town has so many restaurants, having Michelin* stars, as in Copenhagen. Some of the restaurants, e.g. Noma – restaurant №1 in the world, require booking a table 6 months in advance, before that booking is not accepted. At present, 13 restaurants in Copenhagen can boast 16 Michelin stars. In addition, in Copenhagen there are six large breweries and a great deal of smaller local breweries, where you will be able to try local beer. Read more about Michelin restaurants in Copenhagen here.

restaurant "Noma" team

4. Legoland in the town of Billund. Who has not heard or bought a children’s present made by LEGO? Denmark is the motherland of this construction set LEGO. We invite you to the theme park Legoland, created out of more than 45 million LEGO blocks. Construction sets are among the most popular children’s toys in the world! In the park everything is made of blocks LEGO: cars and ships, pirates and Indians, animals, famous miniature sights from around the world etc. See a video report about Legoland here.


5. The Vikings. Denmark is the best place to learn about the epoch of the Vikings since it is the motherland of those courageous warriors. Monuments and museums, referring to the Viking times, may be encountered in different regions of Denmark.

The annual Viking festival is held in the town of Arhus, and the Ribe Viking Center restores a Viking settlement every summer.

In summer Roskilde Viking Ship Museum organizes sea voyages on restored ships, and in the museum workshops visitors can observe the process of manual construction of the Viking ships.

In the National museum in Copenhagen there is one of the best worldwide collections of Roman swords. It was a part of the Danish Vikings arsenal.

In the town of Jelling one can find rune stones included in the UNESCO World Heritage list. They bear the names of the very first Viking kings Gorm the Old and Harald the Bluetooth.


6. Picturesque nature of Denmark makes people admire: the cape of Skagen, white sandy Møn cliffs, rocks of Bornholm island. More about Mon Klint cliffs read here, and about the island of Bornholm here.

The northernmost point of Denmark - Skagen

The snow white Møns cliffs

Island Bornholm

Island Bornholm

7. Special attention should be paid to the free town of Christiania, located in the centre of Copenhagen, where around 700 people keep to the "alternative lifestyle" in old army barracks or in the houses built by themselves, in the city that likes like a park. Marihuana is freely sold here in the streets, and the authorities of the town pretend not to see anything. In many houses there is still no hot water, people dwelling in Christiania, live like hippies: normally they do not work anywhere, they will sit in on the lawn in front of their house, sing songs accompanied by the guitar, play cards, smoke the weed and drink beer from morning till night. Sometimes you may wonder where they take so much health. Read more about the area of Christiania here.

Entrance to Christiania area

There are lots of other reasons to go and visit Denmark. These include Danish fashion and excellent shopping opportunities, Danish design, clean environment – you breath freely, since the air is clean, warm summer sea with comfortable piers and many other things. In conclusion, it might be said that Denmark is the country where a person wants to come back and where anybody should go at least once in their lifetime.

*Michelin, Le Guide Rouge, sometimes also mentioned as the Red Guide. It is currently the most famous and influential restaurant rating. The Guide has been published since 1900 and has a three-star restaurant assessment system.

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