The most famous hotel in Copenhagen

The most famous hotel in Copenhagen is Hotel D’Angleterre. It shut down for reconstruction in June 2011. For the past 250 years this five-star hotel on the New Royal Square has been the leader in the country. All the visiting celebrities have been staying only in its luxurious rooms and apartments.

The history of the hotel started with a love story in 1755, when a young servant from the palace fell in love with the daughter of the lord – chamberlain. The lovers left the court and opened a tavern, and a few years later – an inn. In 1791, after their death, the hotel was called "Hotel D'Angleterne" after the name of the anglophile club that was housed in it. At different time the hotel welcomed such well-known people as Gustav Mahler and Søren Kierkegaard, Winston Churchill and Walt Disney, Grace Kelly and Bob Dilan, Michael Jackson and Madonna, Bruce Springsteen and Claudia Schiffer.

However, the history of the hotel features not only glamorous pages. "Hotel D'Angleterne" was twice on fire, and in the fire there disappeared the books belonging to the visitors of the pre-computer epoch, and during World War II in the luxurious building there was the headquarters of the Hitler’s occupation troops.

”Hotel D’ Angleterre”

The hotel press release said that the renovation planned for the high season of 2011 was a forced measure. Henning Remmen bought the hotel out from the Icelandic investors, in February 2011 and developed the project worth around 100 million Danish crowns (13.5 million euros) to restore the original fame of the place.

Reconstructions works

According to the hotel "Hotel D'Angleterne" chairman, Thomas Salicath, after the renovation instead of the current 123 rooms the hotel will have around 80 – 85 rooms, which will turn into the premium class apartments. The area of the biggest suite will be some 250 square meters excluding a big balcony, overlooking New Royal Square. This will be the biggest suite in Copenhagen. After reconstruction it is planned to place their two restaurants, 2 bars, as well as a SPA centre.

The hotel interior will be designed by British company ”GA Design”, which integrates precious art elements into new decors. According to one of the executives of the hotel, Alan Evance, "Hotel D'Angleterne" will preserve its classical lines and shapes. ”When you deal with a 256-year-old lady, you reach what I call elegance beyond time”, he said.

"Hotel D'Angleterne"

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