Polar Park Opened in Danish Legoland

A new theme park Polar Land opened in May 2012 in the danish Legoland. Live penguins, a roller coaster, speeding up to 65 km/hour, with a unique 5 meter free fall and polar theme, stylish polar restaurant and full-size polar bears are presented in the new theme park. 

It took 751 000 Lego parts and 4 500 hours to reconstruct full-size 22 penguins, and 79 786 parts for the two polar bears with the size of 1.37 by 2 meter, the weight of 260 kg, which nearly corresponds to the actual size. In the Penguin harbour with the area of 160 sq.m real dwellers of Antarctics have settled - 17 live penguins enjoy themselves in a large pool. A restaurant for 2000 visitors is comfortably located on the edge of the pool.

Polar Land

"The polar theme will promote the popularity of our park. We have been the first in Europe to create a roller coaster of the kind, and including live penguins into the programme is a novelty, which we are eager to offer our regular visitors", notes Henrik Hermann, director of Legoland.

The Polar park cost Legoland 75 million Danish crowns (10 million euros), which made this project the most expensive in the history of Legoland. However, this is a justified "investment, which, will undoubtedly pay off", considers the director of Legoland. Despite the financial crisis and changeable summer weather, Legoland managed to attract quite a lot of Danish and foreign tourists in 2011. "We are growing and developing!", proudly declared the director of Legoland. "In spite of the wet and bad weather, crises, we are still popular, which means that we are on target!"

A bear made of Lego


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