City Ring or Future of the Danish Underground.

On June 1, 2007 the Danish Parliament decided to construct a new subway line, which was named Cityring, including underground laying of 15.5 kilometres of railway and building 17 new underground stations.

Correspondence to the existing underground lines shall be located at stations Kongens Nytorv and Frederiksberg. Cityringen will link the centre of Copenhagen with the central railway station and the areas not covered by local trains and underground. The project, whose cost is some 50 billion Danish crowns, is to be completed by mid-2019.


Copenhagen underground, opened in 2002, is one of the youngest underground systems in the world. Nevertheless, at the international conference devoted to underground Metro Rail Conference in 2008, experts from New-York, Tokyo, London and other cities with a well-developed underground system recognized Copenhagen underground the best in the world. The main reasons for this decision included stability of its operation, positive feedback of the passengers and high safety level.

 the current Metro scheme in Copenhagen

Currently (on August 2012), the Danish underground comprises two lines with 22 stations, 9 of which are located under the ground. The total length of the lines of the two lane way is 23 kilometers, around 11 kilometers being in tunnels and 12 kilometers on the ground and crossings. According to statistics in 2009 the passenger turnover of Copenhagen underground was 50 million people annually and 137 thousand daily.

Copenhagen underground

One of the specific features of Copenhagen underground is that in the underground trains there are no drivers, and controls are fully automated in order to exclude any possibility of a human error, as well as clearly control the distance between trains. Come to travel by Danish underground – check its flawless operation by yourself.

Copenhagen underground

Copenhagen underground

Copenhagen underground

The Danes like joking and the event of opening the underground was certainly widely discussed. For example, on Fool’s Day, April 1, 2001, to remind people of the planned Danish underground opening, the central square of Copenhagen (Rådhuspladsen) was adorned with a dummy underground carriage, coming out of the ground at the angle of 45 degrees. In fact it was a retired carriage of Stockholm underground.

retired carriage of Stockholm underground

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