The Island of Møn & The Cape of Stevns Klint

130 km from Copenhagen there is one of the most spectacular places in Denmark – the island of Møn. This spot differs from the rest of Denmark, which is mainly plain terrain. Here flat landscapes are replaced by hills and valleys. Water surrounds you everywhere, so it is a real paradise for those who are keen on fishing. 140-meter limestone rocks, wonderful sandy beaches, vast forests, excellent viewpoints with mesmerizing panoramas, rare species of flowers and animals – all this is waiting for you here, if you decide to visit the island of Møn.

White cliffs of the island of Møn

Møn Klint cliffs were formed of the limestone deposits which were on the bed of the Baltic Sea over 70 million years ago. As a result of enormous pressure of continuously moving glaciers, the terrain was compacted and pushed outwards, creating the territory of today’s Denmark.

Møn Clint

20 000 years go melting ice formed cliffs out of lime deposits, ice, sea mollusks and phyto- or nano- plankton living in the sea. Nature needed some 15 000 years more to form Møn cliffs in the way we can currently see them today.

cliffs of Møn Clint

The island is a marvelous place for family active leisure. I offer you to visit Geo Center Møn Klint first. There you will be able to travel back in time and trace the whole history of the island development since the starting point around 75 million years ago till the present in a 3D cinema, and then you can set out on an expedition around the island, organized by the Center staff by bike, boat or riding a horse.

Geo - center Møn Clint

Lighthouse on Møn Clint

If you like hiking, I recommend you to start exploring the island from the local lighthouse (Møns Fyr). Having walked along the shore, you will quite soon get to the cliffs, which will definitely astonish you by their size.

Møn Clint

The island appeals not only to those who prefer active leisure, but also to the people who look for solitude and tranquility, since this is indeed the best place to enjoy the silence and quietness. Let alone starry nights! This is where one can see probably the cleanest and clearest starry sky in Denmark. The abundance of stars, the width and depth of the night sky charm. They bring the impression that somebody has generously scattered diamonds that shine and flicker above your head.

Bakkegaard Gæstgiveri

People who would like to get the feeling of the true Danish hospitality may stay in one of the numerous local B&Bs. This is an excellent opportunity to meet local dwellers and try local cuisine at reasonable prices. One of these places may be Bakkegaard Gæstgiveri, situated just 3 minutes from the Møn cliffs. The place is unique as the paintings and planning of its rooms were made by about 20 local artists and designers.

Stevns Klint cliffs

Few people know that Møn cliffs are not the only place where you can enjoy watching the cliffs. If you do not want to get so far from Copenhagen, but you would like to get closer to the nature, there is an opportunity to visit another place in Denmark, famous for its rocky coast - Stevns Klint. It is just 70 km from the Copenhagen. Those willing to visit this spot, unique in its way, should go to a small port town of Køge, then turn to the coast and get to the town of Store Heddinge, and a little further on to the settlement of Højrup, where the white cliffs are located and where lime used to be produced.

Højrup church

This is also the location of a most ancient church in Denmark - Højerup Gamle Kirke, built in 1250 - 1300. Owing to the threat of landslides, the church terminated functioning as early as in the early 20th century, but it is open for visitors. From the balcony of the church, at the height of 40 meters, overlooking the sea, there is a miraculous view on the cliffs on the cape of Stevns Klint and Køge harbour. Stevns cliffs are less monumental than those on Møn, but they look at least as picturesque as the former.

On the whole, these two cliff spots - Møn and Stevns – are highly advised to all nature-lovers, those who like walking, hiking and looking for new impressions!

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