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The new office of KPMG, visualized by 3XN, light and open, but at the same time spacious, cosy and multifunctional, trustworthy for customers. The six-storied building with the total area of 35 thousand sq. m. is of a maple-leaf shape. On the roof there is a bicycle parking lot, in the underground parking lot and recharging stations for electric vehicles.

 KPMG building - view from the bird's-eye view

The building near underground station Flintholm was created in line with the policy of good-neighbourly relations. Therefore, 3XN architects made everything to ideally match the visualized building to those standing next to it, despite its impressive size. The facade white stone finishing makes this building harmonious in size and architectural solutions to other houses in the neighbourhood.

KPMG building 300 meters from the subway station

Construction works started in May 2009, and in autumn 2011 the premises opened the doors to the 1 700 commissioning inspectors and KPMG supervisors who were transferred here from the existing offices in Copenhagen and Glostrup. Employees’ bicycles may be left on the roof, where a parking lot has the capacity of 700 spaces. Those who go to work by underground also have nothing to worry about, since the building is located 300 metres from underground station Flintholm The building also includes a car park for 550 vehicles.

Inside KPMG building

The multilevel interior space of the headquarters is formed around three atriums – according to the number of KPMG departments.

Inside KPMG building

The atriums are crossed by flying bridges, connecting different functional interior zones. On the first floor there is a designer landscape – a system of acute-angled irregular volumes, faced with metal turquoise plates. This is the representative part of the office, meeting rooms and conference facilities. In addition to metal zoning involves panels of stained glass, decorated with design decors.

The interior

The KPMG headquarters design in Copenhagen provides for a number of innovations to reduce adverse impact on the environment. There is a system of rainwater collection and redistribution.

The facade KPMG building

Customers opted for the facades with stone elements but not for the fancy French-window glazing. The former are installed at different angles, which, as well as availability of automated window blinds, promotes regular thermal regulation. It should also be noted that the power consumption of this brand building is 70 kWh per m2, which is about 1.5 lower than required by the rigid standards of the Danish capital.

Inside KPMG building

This will be the venue for conferences, further professional education, training sessions, and seminars by KPMG. The building, meeting all the environmental indicators was included into the list of European green premises, seeking to minimize the load on environment.

On the first floor of the premises 1 300 m2 there are various shops, which will certainly make this area more vivid. During the project implementation the adjacent infrastructure was partially reconstructed: the light underground rails were crossed by a flying bridge, designed for cyclists and pedestrians.

Pedestrian bridge in front of KPMG building

Thus, in Copenhagen there appeared one another architectural masterpiece. So no surprise that the city is becoming more and more popular, as there are more and more places to see for a curious tourist.

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