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If you have never been to Copenhagen, then the final of Eurovision 2014 is a good reason to correct this mistake, since the contest will be hosted by Copenhagen in May 2014. Denmark has become the winning country of Eurovision 2013 owing to song “Only Teardrops” and its sophisticated performer – singer Emmelie de Forest.

Copenhagen will be hosting the song contest for the third time: in 1964 the contest was held in the concert hall of Tivoli park, in 2001 – in Parken hall, and this time the contest will occupy on island Refshaleøen. Its area is around 500 000 m2. Island Refshaleøen was selected not by accident and it will be converted into the island of Eurovision, where visitors will be able to get by river tram, getting into the exciting environment of the true Danish «fabulous-Andersen’s» village.

Five large stages in Denmark applied for hosting Eurovision 2014 song contest:

Boksen Arena - the capacity is 15 000 people, which is even more than “Arena” in Malmo, where the Eurovision contest was held last year.

"Boksen Arena" in Herning

"Fængslet" - the capacity is 13 000 people - it is a block of a prison, where it was planned to build an indoor arena for the time of the contest.

"Fængslet" at Horsens

"DR Byen" - the capacity 15 000 people and is a modern stage, equipped with high-technology sound and broadcasting system. Nevertheless, the selected hall for the Eurovision contest was considered not large enough.

"DR Byen" in Copenhagen

"Gigantium" that had the smallest capacity of 8 000 people.

"Gigantium" in Aalborg

"Messe C Arena" with the same small capacity of 8 000 people in Fredericia.

"Messe C Arena" in Fredericia

"B&W" - the capacity of 10 000 people. A former shipbuilding yard located on the area of Refshaleøen in Copenhagen. That was the only place, that could meet all media and organizers’ requirements. Therefore, this venue will host Eurovision semi-finals on 6 and 8 May, and the contest final on 10 May 2014.

"B&W" in Copenhagen

Refshaleøen is an island in the harbour, on which till the mid-90s was a shipbuilding yard of Burmeister & Wain, one of the largest yards in Denmark and the leading manufacturer of diesel engines headquartered in Copenhagen. The company was founded by two Danish and one English men in 1846 and it was an icon of the Danish industrial history. Bankruptcy of the shipbuilding yard in 1996 led to serious changes on the island — industrial facilities of the yard were converted into the premises for flea markets, stylish cafés, premises for manufacturing smaller vessels, as well as the facilities for hosting various cultural events and exhibitions. Today it is an old industrial complex and in May 2014 it will be the most important cultural centre of the city. The complex has huge indoor premises, which will be equipped as the concert halls.

Refshaleøen island

It is expected that Copenhagen will turn into a large Eurovision village for the two weeks. The main pedestrian street Stroget, leading from the City hall square to the royal square, and popular quay Nyvavn will be converted into the fan mile with parties, street performances and numerous cultural events devoted to the Eurovision contest.

Fan Mile in Copenhagen

This year Eurovision's symbol is a light blue diamond. The motto of the contest is "Join us".

The symbol and the motto of Eurovision 2014

Eurovision 2014 song contest will be presented by three persons — Danish television presenters Lise Rønne, Nikolaj Koppel, and Danish actor Pilou Asbæk. The organization of the contest is within the responsibility of Danish television DR, Copenhagen municipality, capital region administration, Wonderful Copenhagen and Refshaleøen Holdings.

Hosts of Eurovision Song Contest 2014

According to the new rules, the names of all judges will be announced before the contest, approximately on 1st May 2014. After the final all marks given each judge and voting results by participating countries will be published. Changes also involved selection of the judges — one and the same judge is entitled to be assigned only once every three years.

Jon Ola Sand - managing director

Jon Ola Sand - managing director of Eurovision 2014 contest claimed that the rules are going to become more transparent thus making them stricter. The voting system has not changed: judges’ votes still make up 50 % of the total result of each participating country.

37 countries have confirmed their participation in Eurovision song contest. Poland and Portugal did not participate in 2013, but will do it in 2014. Owing to the financial problems 8 countries refused from taking part in the Eurovision song contest: Andorra, Bulgaria, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Luxembourg, Slovakia, Cyprus, Serbia and Croatia.

Before each show there will be three rehearsals — two days before each programme, and once on the day of broadcasting.

Tickets to the final have already been nearly sold out, and tickets to the rehearsals of semi-finals can still be bought on the official website.

Refshaleoen 's floor plan

20 000 capital hotel rooms in Copenhagen have already been booked for Eurovision 2014. Therefore, if you have also decided to visit Copenhagen early in May, it is advisable to book hotel rooms in advance. Denmark is unusual, diverse and in a way fabulous. This is the country with the best underground in Europe, high life standards, rich cultural heritage, clean environment, advanced technologies in foods, energy, architecture and design.

Copenhagen's canal

Copenhagen is not just the host of the Eurovision 2014 song contest, but it is also the place with the best restaurants worldwide, the holder of title «Green capital of Europe 2014», the city of the happiest people on Earth, according to British magazine «Monocle», and in the district of ultramodern architecture Ørestad there are premises, voted the best architectural buildings in the world. We wish you pleasant guided tours in Copenhagen and its suburbs.

Before planning a trip to Copenhagen, visit our website and book a city tour. The best way to learn and understand a city is to communicate with people who live here, who has "live" information and will answer any question that may be interesting for you.

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