"Go bike"

Despite the fact that in Copenhagen there are almost never traffic jams on the streets, Danish-Dutch company Gobike launched the project of new city bikes to make the city even "greener" in 2013, to make Copenhagen more innovative and comfortable for living. Gobike project was at the same time launched in Holland and Spain. It is planned to engage other European cities in this project too. New city bikes are designed for the capital citizens as well as for all tourists and visitors.

Video about  "Gobike":

Today Gobike is the most advanced technological city bike. Gobike is more than merely a bike. Developers had two aims on mind while designing Gobikes: operations stability and user-friendliness. Stability was achieved with the special Gobike structure.

"Go bikes"

In fact it is assembled of modules that are easy to replace if something happens during the trip. In case of failure, pushing a sensor screen you send a correspondent message. Emergency technicians of Falck company will come to you and will fix the bike on site that you will be able to continue your journey within a few minutes. Convenience of Gobikes is in their design.

New bicycles "Go bike"

All these bikes are 100% aluminium. All cabling is hidden inside the bike as well as wiring. The bike suspension is closed, which protects the bikes from dust and dirt when used. The electric drive helps the person to pedal. Therefore, Gobikes can be easily ridden even by the elderly. The saddle is easy to adjust due to the gas piston also hidden inside the bike.

All the Gobikes are equipped with a sensor LCD, navigation system and electric drives, which significantly facilitate travelling around the city. The bike computer system is updated online with the information on the city traffic, working hours of the city attractions, the number of free bikes in different areas of Copenhagen. Therefore, by downloading Gobike smart phone application you will always be able to learn where and how many bikes are available, and, if you wish, book one of them for yourself.

New bicycles "Go bike"

Currently, in Copenhagen there are about 250 Gobikes, but till the end of 2014 it is planned to increase this number to 1260 items. Gobikes will be available not only in Copenhagen but also in other key Danish cities. In Copenhagen there are quite a lot of docking stations – the points where the bikes may be booked in person or online, by phone or from your PC. Different price offers are provided for a single and for the long-term rentals. The cost of the bike for a single ride is 25 DKK per hour. Upon returning the bike to one of the parking decks, the system will calculate the rent, which will be charged to your credit card.

Here are the guidelines on Gobike hiring:

1. Type on screen for continue

Click on the screen

2. Press ОК and select language

Press ОК and select language 

3. Select English

Select English

4.  New user

New user

5. FIll in required fields

FIll in required fields

6.  Select price plan

Select price plan

7. Select None - I am not a member of DSB plus

Select None - I am not a member of DSB plus

8. Select Single trip or Subscription form multiple trips and then Select

Select Single trip

9. Press Submit

Press Submit

10. Agree with Terms and Conditions and unsellect Subscribe to newsletter

Agree with Terms and Conditions

11. Press Submit

Press Submit

12. Enter credit card info

Enter credit card info

13. Press Submit

Press Submit

14. If failing, press Retry and reinter card info again

Retry and reinter card info

15. When succeded the message below appears

Go bikes

16. Press ОК

Press ОК

17. "Go bike" ready to use

Go bikes

18. Triangle shows where you are

Go bikes

19. If you want to return bike, press Return bicycle and system woud find the nearest poing to you.

Go bikes

Go bikes

20. When you've returned the bike then the money wound be charged from you credit card.

Go bikes

21. Then press Close

press Close

Generally, Copenhagen is becoming increasingly friendly towards its visitors and the system of new city bikes is a good proof to this statement.

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