A trip to Carlsberg brewery

The history of Danish brewery is about 5000 years old and it is the longest history in Europe. In Denmark people have always been drinking a lot of beer. In the Middle Ages beer was the beverage for all ages, for adults and children, since the quality of water was not good at all. The tradition of beer drinking has been preserved in the country. In Copenhagen there are numerous breweries, which make bear of any strength and to any taste. Among all this diversity Carlsberg is the leader because, firstly, it is the feather in their national bonnet, as Carlsberg made their country famous, and secondly, Carlsberg is one of the largest Danish companies and the fourth largest beer brewery in the world.

We invite you on a tour to the history of Danish brewery. Therefore, we will go to the old Carlsberg brewery. These were the first production facilities for Carlsberg in 1847, we will find out why this place was chosen by J.C. Jacobsen as the site for the brewery, the history of the development and success of Carlsberg, we will try to understand what kind of person the founder of the company J.C. Jacobsen was, we will recall the story of his life, as well as ups and downs. Together we will look at the old brewery, and the newer one built by his son, Carl. We will hear about the bumpy relations between J.C. and his son Carl, we will explore where the buildings are located here and what people do here today, after the relocation of the main Carlsberg production facilities to the peninsula of Jutland in 2008.

We offer you to get a glimpse of the cellars with intact bottles, see the first industrial premises in Denmark, visit the bar, where you can try the beer brewed under the recipes of 1847, see the collection of 22 000 beer bottles, plunge into the Danish history and, looking at Carlsberg, realize what today’s Denmark is like.

Tour length: 1.5 hours.

Tour price:
1 - 4 people 150 euros* for a group 
5 - 12 people 180 euros for a group
+12 people upon request.  

*subject to the meeting at the entrance of the museum "Visit Carlsberg". Shuttle is paid separately. Entrance tickets are not included into the tour price (an extra cost).

Specific features of the tour: this tour will be interesting for the people who like history, unusual architecture, those who like Carlsberg, as well as for anybody who likes tasty and extraordinary beer.  

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Carlsberg Brewery

Entrance to the Carlsberg Brewery

Carlsberg Brewery

inside Carlsberg Brewery

Carlsberg beer recepy of 1847

Carlsberg brewery

The first industrial construction

The founders of Carlsberg

Beer production

On the territory of Carlsberg

Carlsberg brewery

Carlsberg brewery

Carlsberg brewery

Mermaid on the territory of Carlsberg

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