Copenhagen for beginners

We do not know what has brought you to Copenhagen: cheap flight tickets, curiosity, love to tasty beer or nostalgia for childhood and fairy-tales of Andersen. But I am confident that you have come to one of the unrivalled and unique capitals in Europe. During our 2-hour walk we will see nearly all interesting landmarks of the city in its central, historic and tourist parts. Our journey starts in the City hall square in the very heart of Copenhagen, where we learn about modern Copenhagen.

On the one hand, the Danish capital is reasonably considered the pearl of Scandinavia, but on the other, this is the city of controversies where people sell light drugs one kilometre from the seat of the Danish Parliament; the city, with very rare traffic jams and the number of bicycles is 5 times more than the number of cars in the streets; the city, where people pay some of the highest taxes in the world and, nevertheless, feel fine about it; here a sandwich is a cult, but Copenhagen is also the gastronomic centre of Northern Europe.

What makes the Danes happy?

Then we will have a walk to the historic part of Copenhagen, where everything started for this city. We will see the place of public executions, Caritas, the oldest fountain in the city, Reformation memorial, to commemorate the period after which all the Danes were converted from Catholics to Protestants, Copenhagen university building, the oldest high school called Regents, where the poorest students stayed, the Round tower, the Museum of Post and Telegraph.

And here we are, opposite the house of Parliament – the political heart of Denmark. Here we will plunge into the history of the Danish kingdom, will speak about the founder of Copenhagen bishop Absalon, find out about the underwater sculptures and legends and legends of the ancient Nordics. We will also understand what makes Copenhagen so unique compared to other capitals worldwide and why the locals have been voted the happiest nation on the planet.

Having enjoyed the view of Absalon statue, the Stock Exchange building, Parliament, and St. Nicolai’s Church we will go on walking along the longest pedestrian street in Europe – Stroget to Royal Square and Nyhavn quay, the tourist mecca in Copenhagen. There we will get back to the medieval times, find out how Denmark once became one of the largest exporters of sugar in Europe, without any domestic sugar production; recollect fairy-tale teller Andersen, who adored living on Nyhavn quay; will talk about the royal family and interesting facts in the relations between Denmark and Russia, established over 500 years ago.

Tour length: 1.5 - 2 hours.

Tour price:
1 - 4 people   150 euros for a group
5 - 12 people 180 euros for a group
+12 people upon request.

Specific features of the tour: If you like legends, beautiful city architecture, would like to learn about the recipe of Danish happiness, visit the landmarks of the city accompanied by the parson, who has been living in the capital of the Danish kingdom for over 10 years, then this excursion is for you. It is ideal for all those who have come to Copenhagen for the first time, as well as for those who would like to see and hear maximum information within the minimum time.

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City Hall

City Hall

Karitas (Charity) Fountain

Place of public executions

Monument to the Reformation

Church of Our Lady

The Round Tower

Christiansborg palace

Bishop Absalon

Pedestrian street Stroget

Underwater sculpture


Send your requests to our e-mail: or call us at +45 20 66 30 93 and we will make your visit to Copenhagen unforgettable. Do not forget to indicate the desired date of the tour, the name of the hotel, where the plan to live in Copenhagen, the number of participants and your mobile phone for communication. You request will be replied within 24 hours.

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