Tour to Christiania

We invite you to walk around Christiania, which resembles a medieval village, hidden in the heart of Copenhagen. Here you will see wooden houses, complete absence of automobiles, in stead you will experience flowerbeds with mixed flowers, the air filled with the smoke of cigarettes with cannabis and most weird dwellers of the Danish capital with their alternative lifestyle.

All this is so unique that you will not be able to see it anywhere else worldwide. This is a controversial and disputable place, but 100% worth your attention, if you happen to come to Copenhagen. Even local authorities have yielded to this island of subcultures and have gave Christiania a semi-autonomous status with protected right of free citizens to their honestly conquered Copenhagen land.

We suggest you go to this "free town" with the guide on the Land of the Vikings and learn more about it. We will walk along the streets of Christiania, drop into unusual stalls, spots and shelters. We will find out about the governance in this "separate country" and what locals live by.

We will also make architectural discoveries since the majority of new buildings in Christiania do not have any analogues and were built as DIY. There are many strange and interesting things for a curious tourist. The name of the game is not to take out the camera in Pusher street, where light drug dealing has been 24/7 over the past 40 years. Since people do it illegally, they will not be happy to be recorded.

We will learn the main rules Christiania dwellers live by and how they make their living. We are to find a number of funny and weird life stories of the locals and of the solutions, which made this town relatively safe and truly "free". We will make a large Christiania tour and learn who cares of the environment in the ”free town”, where are such famous places as Grå Hall (Christiania meeting point) and the kindergarten (there is a kindergarten here!), as well as how to get to the famous restaurant "Loppen" (open from 17:00 every day, and where, you will not believe!, it is required to book a table in advance) and "Opera" club, drop into the female forgery and the original shop called "Do It Yourself", will find the original building called "The Banana House" and will have a rest on the lawn near the lake, with the aromas of marihuana and more than relaxed atmosphere.

We will also have a walk along the main street, where light drug dealing is non-stop, where it is possible to buy a "pot" of any strength and try it just in situ in one of the local open-air cafés. How it happened so that drugs are freely traded in the free town within just a kilometre from the building of the Parliament, who local pushers are, where all these products come from and who is behind it you will learn during our walk.

Tour length: 1 - 1,5 hours.

Tour price: 
1 - 4 people 150 euros for a group 
5 - 12 people 180 euros for a group
+12 people upon request.

Specific features of the tour: will be good for those, who seek something unusual and also for all the people, who like new impressions.

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Christiania, a top view

On the territory of Christiania

A joint

Pusher street

Person getting high

On the territory of Christiania

Locals in Christiania

"The Banana House"

Christiania district

Christiania district

Christiania district

The basic laws of Christiania

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