The city of Aarhus

Distance to Copenhagen: 304 km
Population: 310 956 people at the end of 2011
Town fact file: the second largest city in Denmark. Located in the east of the Jutland peninsula. It is the second largest port in Denmark. The town was first mentioned in the year 948 as the seat of the bishop. Developed rapidly in 10 - 13 centuries as an important Catholic center and then for a long time fell into decay. In the 14th century the city was almost completely devastated by the plague. The economic rise of the city began in the 19th century, when the railroad was built and began a period of industrialization.

Location on the map: Jutland Peninsula, to the west of Copenhagen:

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Main city sights: Frauenkirche Church (built in XI-XV centuries)

Frauenkirche Church

Also worth your attention is the New Town Hall (1938-1942, built by famous danish architect Arne Jacobsen)

New Town Hall

Cathedral Gothic cathedral XIII-XV centuries (the largest church of the country)

Cathedral Gothic cathedral

Old Town Hall (built in 1857).

Old Town Hall

"Pigs fountain" before the town hall, built in 1941.

Pigs fountain 
The museum "Old Town" has collected more than 50 houses from different cities of Denmark, built in XVI-XVII centuries.

museum "Old Town"

Art museum "ARoS", where the Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson created a unique design. The building, called "Your Rainbow Panorama", located on the roof of the museum consists of colored glass.

Art museum "ARoS"

The diameter of the circular path is 52 meters. The height and width of the glass corridor is three meters.

Art museum "ARoS"

Art Museum - the danish painting XIX-XX centuries. Museum of history contains a number of unique prehistoric artefacts.

Also Aarhus has a museum of natural science, history of science and medicine, fires and protection against it, a Women Museum, the city of Aarhus, the Viking Museum, the observatory, etc.

Town photo gallery:

Aarhus city

Aarhus city

Aarhus city

Aarhus city

Aarhus city

Aarhus city

Aarhus city

Aarhus city

More information about Aarhus: official city website.

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