The city of Dragør

Distance to Copenhagen: 13 km
Population: 11 874 at the end of 2013
Town fact file: The name of the town originates from the Danish verb of drage (draw), and suffix "-ør" means pebbly or sandy beach. Thus, Dragør is a town, stretching along the sandy sea shore. In the 12th century in the place of the modern town there appeared a fisherman’s settlement, where men went to sea for herring. In the 14th century the settlement boomed and extended thanks to the granted to it in 1370 privilege to salt the drawn out herring. 

Dragoer in middleages

During the market season from 25 July to 9 October around 20 thousand merchants, fishermen and buyers from all over the Øresund region got together every year to trade in herring. The town the way we know it today dates back to the 1600s, when Dragør included some 20 stone houses, and its locals dwellers were from the Netherlands.

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Since the early 16th century Dragør gradually lost its prosperity: In 1536 it was burnt to ashes, at the same time herring left the area and it was more and more difficult to fish it in Oresund. As herring fishing in Oresund was fading out local dwellers started navigating vessels across the straits. Just within one year (1560) the Sound was crossed by over 2.000 ships. In 1684 pilots from Dragør were the first in Denmark to obtain a navigation patent. Till the beginning of the 19th century the significance of Dragør with 92 vessels registered in the port was so high that it was considered to be the second most important bay in Denmark after Copenhagen. Gradual decline in navigation and the importance of Dragør port started with the epoch of steamboats. At present only few town dwellers still fish here.

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Thanks to its location near the Copenhagen airport and proximity to the city centre, Dragør is one of the most expensive places to live in Denmark. Most buildings are from the 18th – 19th centuries, but recently there have appeared more residential buildings along the coast. At least 20% today’s population of Dragør work at the nearby Copenhagen airport Kastrup. The town is the centre of the sea tourism, amateur fishing and yacht sport.

Main city sights:

Historic centre of Dragør

Harbour in Dragør city

Town museum of Dragør, in summer working hours on Saturdays and Sundays are from 12:00 to 16:00

The Royal Grove (Kongelunden)

The Royal Grove

Town photo gallery:

More information about the town is given here.

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