The island of Bornholm

Bornholm Island is a perfect place to relax from the hustle life in metropolis. One of the most romantic and relaxed islands of Denmark, that attracts many tourists each summer - here come the romantic couple, aged people and families with small children on holiday and for the weekend.

The island of Bornholm is located in the Baltic Sea, just between Sweden and Poland. In ancient legends Bornholm supposedly was called for the island Buyan.

Location on the map: 168 km in the south east of Copenhagen

That how the island looks like from the aircraft

On the map, you can easily see what is interesting on the island:

The map of island Bornholm

How to get to Bornholm: by plane Copenhagen - Rønne and in 30 minutes you are on the island, 5 km from the city center. By train or by bus to the Swedish city of Ystad (Ystad), here you can change for the ferry to the island's capital city Rønne. It takes from 2.5 to 4 hours, depending on the type of the ferry. All links to ticket sale, highlighted in blue, are unfortunately in Danish, but with the help of an online translator, this should not be a problem.

The ferry from the Swedish town of Ystad to Bornholm

Population: around 41 802 people at the end of 2011

Interesting fact: The population of pigs on the island exceeds the population of people fivefold and is about 200 000 species.

Video about Bornholm:

Five things you need to do on the island:

1. Walk in the center of the capital city - Rønne 

Rønne bay

2. Visit one of the round churches of the 12th century

Round church on Bornholm

3. Visit the Hammershus ruins

Hammershus ruins

4. Visit one of the local smokehouses and try smoked seafood


5. Dine at Radisson Fredensborg Hotel. Only on Thursdays, the hotel serves a buffet of seafood during the summer period. 

Seafood buffet

There are many bike paths on Bornholm that will help you to explore the island on your own speed.

Tip: Bus services on the island run once an hour, so keep it in mind - if you are late for a bus, you will have to wait long for the next one.

Other photos of the island:

Rønne bay

Rønne bay

Bornholm island

Bornholm island

Gudhjem city

Bornholm - Duodde beach

Bornholm cliffs


More information about island Bornholm: official city website.

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