The city of Ribe

Distance to Copenhagen: 283 km
Population: 8 192 people at the beginning 2011
Town fact file: Ribe is the oldest danish city. In 860 Saint Ansgar, with the permission of King Eric of Jutland, built a church in Ribe. Recording of this event in the city chronicle is the first written mention of Ribe in danish history.

Location: in the south west of Copenhagen:

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Ribe's city architecture are very interesting for all tourists: Cobbled streets, medieval town houses, churches and monasteries. The city was a great seaport for a while in the past. But over time, the delta of the river on which the sailors came into the sea, brought silt and now Ribe it is not easy to reach from the water side.

Ribe city

Ribe city

Ribe city

Ribe city

Main city sights: Viking museum (Museet Ribes Vikinger)

Viking museum

The Viking Museum is located in the central part of the city, and tells the story of the city from the Viking Age until 1700. Opening hours: every day from 10 am till 4 pm. Admission fee: adults - 70 DKK, children under 17 years ols free of charge.

Dome Cathedral (12th century building)

Dome Cathedral

It is the only church in Denmark, which has five naves. In general, the cathedral built in the Romanesque style, with some parts that was built later on in Gothic styly.

Former Town Hall
The house was built in 1496, and in 1709 was acquired by the city council, to be used as a Town Hall. Before the house was the mayor's office, here lived among others Anders Bording, who published the first newspaper in Denmark. On the door of the Town Hall depicts the city emblem: the cathedral and three royal lions.

Former Town Hall

Functions of the City Hall building were fulfilled up until 2007, nowadays weddings and official receptions take place. The official institution moved to Esbjerg recently. If you want to visit the Town Hall, a good idea is to pay a visit the local museum - the old debtor's prison, which houses medieval weapons of night watchmen mace and the sword of the executioner. Guides usually tell the story that when in the town of Varde a criminal was hung, his mother said to her son before his execution: "Thank God you were not brought before a court in Ribe" - so severe were local laws.

Riberhus Castle and Statue of Queen Dagmar
It is believed that the castle Riberhus was founded by King Niels shortly after celebrating his son's wedding here in 1127. During the Danish - Swedish War (1644) swedish troops occupied the castle, and the Danes were forced to fire their fortress from the tower of the cathedral. In 1685 the castle was in ruins, which zealous citizens immediately took away as building materials. 

Riberhus castle and statue of queen Dagmar

By the XV century there were about a dozen monasteries of various orders around Ribe, as well as churches, orphanages, hospices, hospitals and schools.

Abbey Ribe

Reformation swept across Europe, and destroyed the monastries, and in Ribe remained only one monastery with the church. The oldest building in Denmark (built in 1489)

The oldest building in Denmark


Post flood
On the waterfront Skibbereen, intersecting with Overdammen, there is a post flood since 1634, which is a wooden pole on which the iron rings marked the water level from the previous floods, for example in 1634 - 6 m above the ordinary!

Post flood

The water washed away part of the city, killed app. 8 000 people, flooded the cathedral (there is an appropriate mark about it on the Cathedral building).

The oldest pub in Denmark

The oldest pub in Denmark

Night walk through the city with the city guard
The guards can be accompanied in his daily walk around the city in the period from 1 May to 15 September (for information, please contact the tourist office Ribe). Night watchmen - people who know the traditions and are eager to tell the tales and legends. From their mouths you can hear the history of the city of fires, floods and witches.

Town photo gallery:

Ribe city

Ribe city

Ribe city

Ribe city

Ribe city

Ribe city

More information about Ribe: official city website.

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