The city of Ringsted

Distance to Copenhagen: 64 km
Population: 21 423 people at the end of 2013
Town fact file: It is thought that the town of Ringsted existed here as early as in 700 AD, and till the 15th century it was one of the largest commercial and religious centres in Denmark thanks to a large Benedictine monastery, which was the basis and centre for the development of the town. In the first Danish stone church kings of Denmark were buried from 1182 to 1341, as Copenhagen was just a village in those times. 

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The Reformation of 1536, initiated by Christian III, not only destroyed the monastery as a religious institution, but also ruined all commerce – medieval historians unanimously narrate about the deterioration of roads and commerce downfall. By the 17th century Ringsted population was less than a thousand people. The town awakened only in 1856, when the railway was laid here.

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Town stock exchange, erected in the 19th century in the German Renaissance style.

Saint Bendt’s Church is the first stone church in Scandinavia – this new construction style was brought to Denmark by Italian masters. To erect a temple in Ringsted (1170) and say a new word in architecture, it was required to demolish the previous limestone church of Our Lady dated 1080. The church was surrounded by the buildings of the rich and powerful Benedictine monastery ruined in 1806 due to a fire. After the fire, which damaged the church too, the temple was rebuilt, but frescos of the 13th – 15th centuries and gravestones of kings miraculously survived. Church working hours: 1 May – 15 September, 10-12 and 13-17.

Town square (Ringsted torv). The town hall building in Ringsted was built under the design of the Danish architect Steen Eiler Rasmussen. There are "ting-stenene" in front of it – these are special stones, once used as benches for very fat people in the Royal court, situated here before 1584, in 1805 the court moved to Copenhagen.

Monument to Valdemar the Great, who presented bishop Absalon a fishermen’s village Havn, which gradually turned into modern Copenhagen.

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