We invite you to visit the Frederiksborg Castle, a place which main purpose was to amaze guests visiting the king with its wealth and luxury decoration. No doubt this castle will make a great impression on you, as it is located on three islands in the middle of a beautiful lake and is the largest Renaissance castle in Scandinavia.

The Frederiksborg castle is famous for its beauty, interiors and historical significance and located in Hillerod, a small town within 30 km from Copenhagen. Beatiful castle of 16th century, picturesque nature, luxurious interiors are interwoven here with the history and legends of the danish past – these are the highlights what you can expect during our trip to the Frederiksborg castle.

The Frederiksborg Castle used to be the favorite residence of Danish kings, but after a fire in 1859 turned into a national museum, thanks to philanthropist and founder of Carlsberg J.C. Jacobsen. Today, the Frederiksborg Castle is a great place to learn about the history of Denmark, as the halls of the castle are arranged in chronological order, going from room to another, we travel through the history of the Danish kingdom. Each of the rooms are interconnected with home furnishings, sculpture, painting, etc. Therefore, Frederiksborg is not only the castle, but a living history of the Danish kingdom.

Tour length: 5 hours
Tour price: 5 700 DKK (780 EUR) which includes meeting you at cruise terminal, bus rental with the driver, transfer Copenhagen - Hillerød (Frederiksborg castle) - Copenhagen, entrance tickets to the castle and 4 hours guidning.

Send your requests to our e-mail: info@denmark-travel.com or call us at +45 20 66 30 93 and we will make you visit to Copenhagen unforgettable. Do not forget to indicate the desired date of the tour, your name, the name of your hotel or cruise line, what kind of wheelchair you have, the regular or electric one and your mobile phone for communication. You request will be replied within 24 hours.

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Old castle on the background of the picturesque nature, interwoven with the history and legends of these places, luxurious interiors and, certainly, nice walks in the parks – these are the things you can expect during our trip around the Land of the Vikings to the Royal Castles of Northern Zealand.

Three spots near Copenhagen are famous for their beauty, interiors and significance – the castle of Frederiksborg, located in Hillerod, Royal residence Fredensborg, in the town with the same name 30 km from Copenhagenа, and «Hamlet’s» castle of Kronborg, which is situated in the town of Helsingor. All the above castles are located so that it is possible to visit all of them within one day. So, let us do it today.

The first point of our tour is the luxurious castle of Frederiksborg, built in the Dutch Renaissance style. Having looked around the castle and having found out its secrets and legends, we will certainly look into its baroque park, with fountains, water canals and royal monograms, laid out with flowers. Wonderful nature, wild ducks on the lake, paths around the reservoir and secluded spaces in a beautiful and neat park – all this, undoubtedly, promotes romance and will not leave you untouched.

Being inspired by the walk in the Frederiksborg park, we will drive to the summer royal residence Fredensborg. This is a well preserved baroque castle, with a miraculous park and notable guardians wearing high fur hats. The castle of Fredensborg is active as a royal residence and it is harder to get there than to other places. The best time to visit Fredensborg is July. During the other months entrance there is restricted, but it is possible to watch the change of the royal guardians, visit the palace park with various mysterious sculptures, along which the Queen walks with her family, and also look into the palace orangery, which supplies fresh vegetables and fruits to the royal table.

The third castle for this day is the second popular and cult place in Denmark after the Little Mermaid – it is the castle of Kronborg, also known as Hamlet’s castle. In fact, Shakespeare did not ever travel to Denmark, but this did not prevent him from describing the castle the way that some 300 thousands of tourists come here every year. Royal suites, the chapel, Danish maritime museum, the somber beauty of Shakespeare’s tragedy and catacombs, where warrior Ogier the Dane is fast asleep while Denmark is out of danger – all this always attracts tourists and here we will have a walk and even a picnic somewhere near the walls of the castle contemplating the views of the Swedish coast and the town of Helsinborg.

On our way back to Copenhagen we will have time to exchange our impressions about the day and of the plans for your following trips in Denmark.

Tour length: 7 hours

Tour price:
1 - 3 people - 550 euro*.
4 - 7 people 600 euro* plus minibus rental (around 200 euro)
8 - 15 people upon request.

The price includes the transfer and entrance tickets to 2 castles. *in July the full tour including the visit to Fredensborg lasts about 7.5 - 8 hours and costs 50 euro extra.

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Specific features of the tour: the most interesting and memorable one-day tour. You will have to walk a lot, listen to the Danish legends, see and learn plenty of information about the life of the royal family.

Frederiksborg castle

Frederiksborg castle

Frederiksborg castle

Fredensborg palace

Fredensborg park

Kronborg castle

Kronborg castle

Kronborgs canons

Hamlet and Ofelia sculpters


Send your requests to our e-mail: info@denmark-travel.com or call us at +45 20 66 30 93 and we will make you visit to Copenhagen unforgettable. Do not forget to indicate the desired date of the tour, the name of the hotel, where the plan to live in Copenhagen, the number of participants and your mobile phone for communication. You request will be replied within 24 hours.

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Distance to Copenhagen: 38 km
Population: 30 350 people at the end of 2011 
Town fact file: The town of Hillerød is the fourth largest on the Sjaelland peninsula after Copenhagen, Roskilde and Helsingor. The town was first mentioned in the early 13th century. Before that there had been a vast estate called Hillerødsholm, belonging to the noble family of Bergita Goja and Herwood Troli. These people knew the royal family well and once Frederik II, having spent a week in Hillerødsholm fell in love with the place so much that he decided to buy it out and build a castle, which was later named after him Frederiksborg. Since 1878 the National History Museum of Denmark is situated in this building.

Location on the map:

Video about Frederiksborg castle:


Main local sights: on the pavement in the city centre, just in front of the police station there are hippos and a cub.

The luxurious castle of Frederiksborg in the style of the Dutch Renaissance is located on the bank of a picturesque lake.

 Frederiksborg castle

Castle working hours: from April to October from 10:00 to 17:00, from November to March from 11:00 to 15:00.
Ticket prices: adults – 75 DKK, students and retired people – 60 DKK, children under 6 free, children aged 6 - 15 – 20 DKK. There is an opportunity to buy a family ticket (2 adults and 2 children) at 150 DKK.

A ditch near the castle

Tower on the 1st island

The "Neptune" fountain on the area of the castle

Entrance to the palace

Entrance to the castle

The indoor castle exposition is divided into two parts, where the first one is the Museum of National History, and the other is the castle chapel, where from 1671 Danish kings were crowned, as well as a large garden, designed in the baroque style.

Badstueslottet – the royal lodge on the area of the castle.

Town photo gallery:

Town centre – the building of the police and town council.

You might also be interested in the ruins of the monastery Ebelholt (Æbelholt), dated 1175 year, if you are interested in history or archeology.

More information about the town of Hillerød and other places of interest to the north of Copenhagen is provided here.

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