It is another exposition, created thanks to the world-renowned caricaturist, collector of wonders and strange items and just a very eccentric person called Leroy Ripley.

Address: Ostergade 16, Copenhagen
Web: Guinness World Records Museum
Open hours: Sun. - Thur. from 10 am till 6 pm, Fri. - Sat. from 10 am till 8 pm.
Admission: adults 85 DKK, children from 11 to 14 years 68 DKK, 4 to 10 years 43 DKK, up to 4 years free of charge. 

It is possible to buy combined tickets to two or three museums besides Ripley’s (Guinness Records, Believe It or Not! and Andersen’s World of Wonders) at a lower price than to buy a single ticket in each of the museums.

Here on the area of 1000 square meters you can see the most ridiculous, great, and incredible human achievements and records from various fields of life, including sport, gardening, art and science.

Thanks to photos, videos and wax replicas you will see the tallest man in the world whose height is 272 and the heaviest one with the weight of 485 kg, the longest male moustache (339 cm) and female nails (9.05 meters!), meet a man who eats metal and chewed 18 bicycles, and a racing car accelerating from zero mark to 508 km/h!

In addition, there are also exhibits, devoted to the king of popular music Michael Jackson and the queen of Hollywood Marilyn Monroe, a collection of the most unusual children’s toys and that very phone booth, which was packed with 20 schoolchildren to get recorded in the Guinness World Records book.

Guinness World Records Museum

Guinness World Records Museum

Guinness World Records Museum

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