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130 km from Copenhagen there is one of the most spectacular places in Denmark – the island of Møn. This spot differs from the rest of Denmark, which is mainly plain terrain. Here flat landscapes are replaced by hills and valleys. Water surrounds you everywhere, so it is a real paradise for those who are keen on fishing. 140-meter limestone rocks, wonderful sandy beaches, vast forests, excellent viewpoints with mesmerizing panoramas, rare species of flowers and animals – all this is waiting for you here, if you decide to visit the island of Møn.

In 1990 the wind power stations of Denmark generated 2 % of the total electric power whereas now this number is 20 %. According to this indicator, Denmark takes the eighth place in the world. The surplus electricity is sold to the neighbouring countries, while the Danish producers of wind turbines have learnt so much that they are manufacturing nearly one third of all the wind power capacity worldwide.

If some of you, dear readers, are going to Copenhagen soon, we have good news for you – Copenhagen is becoming cheaper. Currently (2014) Copenhagen takes line 21 in the Top 100 most expensive cities in the world. This information was presented by American company “Mercer”, making annual ratings of the most expensive capitals worldwide.

On June 1, 2007 the Danish Parliament decided to construct a new subway line, which was named Cityring, including underground laying of 15.5 kilometres of railway and building 17 new underground stations.

A new theme park Polar Land opened in May 2012 in the danish Legoland. Live penguins, a roller coaster, speeding up to 65 km/hour, with a unique 5 meter free fall and polar theme, stylish polar restaurant and full-size polar bears are presented in the new theme park. 

Danish people prefer their own currency, Danish crowns, but euros are accepted in most places. It is preferable to exchange currency in dedicated Currency Exchange locations, scattered throughout the city, in the centre, on the pedestrian street, at the central railway station. Euros are accepted in 90 % stores, restaurants, but not in taxis. If you pay in euros, the change will be given in Danish crowns. It is even better to exchange currency in Primex spots, where money is exchanged at the bank rate and no commission fee is charged.

The Danes celebrate the Little Mermaid’s birthday on  August 23. In 1837 H.C. Andersen wrote a fairy tale about a daughter of the sea king, who was in love with a prince. Later, Carl Jacobsen (the founder of a world-famous beer brewery and a generous patron), saw the ballet based on the motifs of this fairy tale and had the idea to present Copenhagen a statue of the courageous heroine. He ordered it to sculptor Edward Eriksen, and in 1913, the Little Mermaid, with the height of 1 m 25 cm, was placed on a granite stone on the sea coast.

The most famous hotel in Copenhagen is Hotel D’Angleterre. It shut down for reconstruction in June 2011. For the past 250 years this five-star hotel on the New Royal Square has been the leader in the country. All the visiting celebrities have been staying only in its luxurious rooms and apartments.

Our world is not as big as it was 20 years ago. High technologies, jets, low – cost carriers have made international tourism quite ordinary pastime. I invite you to travel around Denmark – an extraordinary, diverse, in a way unique and fabulous country. This country can boast its best underground in Europe, high life standards, rich cultural heritage, clean environment, high technologies in foods, power engineering, architecture and design. So, I offer you 7 wonders of Denmark, which are must-sees.

The Danish capital invites all volunteers to the Beer Festival, which is to be held from 10 to 12 May 2015 in its «traditional» venue ‒ one of the old premises of the Carlsberg brewery in the area of Valby.

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