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Though Copenhagen is not so big as Moscow, Berlin or New York it also never sleeps in terms of cultural events. There is always something on in Copenhagen. In this section we present information about 4 most popular theatre and entertainment spots in the city:

1. The New Theater (Det Ny Teater)

2. Danish Royal Theater (Det Kongelige teater)

3. Copenhagen Opera House (Den kongelige opera)

4. Wallmans restaurant cabaret (Wallmans show)

1. The New Theater (Det Ny Teater) is located in one of the central districts of Copenhagen — Vesterbro, 500 metres from the central railway station. The house has the capacity of 1000 seats, and the area of the theatre premises is over 12 thousand m².

Address: Gammel Kongevej 29, Copenhagen
Tel.: +45 33 25 50 75
Web.: Det nye teater

Video about The New teater:

The New Theatre was opened to the public 19 September 1908. At that time это it was the second largest theatre in the city. The building of the theatre was designed by architects Ludwig Andersen and L. P. Gudme. The first performance in the New Theatre was the comedy by Pierre Bertons "The Beautiful Lady from Marseille", starring famous Danish actors Asta Nielsen and Poul Reumert. By 1990 the theatre looked very dilapidated, therefore, it was shut down for reconstruction, which lasted until 1994.

Inside The New Teater

The New Teater's floor plan

Today the New Theatre is the place showing one of the most colourful performances in Copenhagen. Choreography, performance production, costumes, and scenery are meticulously developed and feature high professionalism and deep elaboration. Numerous productions of this theatre include "Les Miserables", "The Phantom of the Opera", "The Beauty and the Beast", "Mary Poppins", "Chicago", "Dancing in the Rain", "Evita", “Cats”, “The Merry Widow”, “Jesus Christ Superstar” and many others. Figures are impressive. For example musical "The Phantom of the Opera" has been seen by over 450 000 people, which has been the absolute record in the history of the Danish theatre. Some 200 000 people visit performances of the New Theatre every year.

The New Teater

The New Teater

Useful information
The theatre bar opens half an hour before the start of the show. Beverages should be ordered in advance not to queue during the interval. There is a bar on the first floor, on the balcony and on the second floor. Besides, there is a restaurant "Theatre cellar" open during the interval and after the performance.

The New Teater

The children under 7 years old are not allowed to the New Theatre, but there may be exceptions, if a child is younger, but can stay, according to the parents, quietly over the whole performance. For some shows the minimum age may be higher. Smoking is prohibited on the territory of the theater.

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2. The Danish Royal Theater (Det Kongelige Teater) is the first national theater in Denmark, the largest one in the country, founded in the 18th century.

Address: August Bournonvilles Passage 8, Copenhagen
Tel.: +45 33 69 69 33
Web.: Det Kongelige Teater

Video about The Royal teater:

In March 1720 under the support of French engineer and wine trader Etienne Capion the Theatre House opened in Copenhagen (in the street called Kongens Nytorv). However, as the productions were mostly in French and German, the king of Denmark Frederick IV forbade this activity. Then Capion agreed with the French actor and theatre director Rene Magnon de Montaigu the establishment of the stage where actors could play in Danish.

Opening the Danish stage (Lille Grønnegade, and later — Ny Adelgade) was 23 September 1722, and the first play was the unrivalled translated comedy by Moliere “L'Avare ou l’École du mensonge”. Comedies by Holberg, laughing at the nobles and burgers naturally brought out fury and criticism from the authorities. In 1727 Capion went bankrupt and in 1728 the theatre shut down by the order of King Christian VI, who was against mass entertainments.

New Royal Teater, 19th century

11 November 1747 the following monarch Frederick V issued the decree on the construction of the theatre on the Royal square in Copenhagen. The building was designed by Nicolai Eigtved, who completed the construction within the record terms: the first stone was laid in the foundation on 4 July 1748, whereas the theatre was opened 18 December that year. Initially the theatre had the capacity of up to 600 viewers and soon it turned out to be too small to seat all visitors. In the end, continuous renovations made the building look bad and inconvenient. Moreover, it needed major repairing. 

New Royal Teater, nowadays

Inside New Royal Teater

New Royal Teater

The performances of the New Theatre Royal

At the same time piles of construction waste and humidity appealed to numerous rats. The discussions of a new building for the theatre started in 1857, but the construction actually began 18 October 1872, while its formal opening was only 15 October 1874. The new house contained only one stage and had the capacity of 1600 seats with a special seats for the royal family.

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3. Copenhagen Opera House (Operaen på Holmen) is run by the Royal Theatre of Denmark, and is one of the newest and most expensive opera houses worldwide. The theatre was designed by architect Henning Larsen and opened on 15 January 2005. The construction of the Opera House cost over USD 500 million or 2.3 billion DKK. The Opera House is located on the island of Holmen, in the centre of Copenhagen, opposite palace of Amalienborg and the Marble church.

Address: Ekvipagemestervej 10, Copenhagen
Tel.: +45 33 69 69 69
Web.: Opera huset

Video about The Opera House:

The building of the theatre was presented to the state by the foundation of A.P. Møller, the owner of A.P. Moller - Maersk Group. Some politicians were against the private donation, because the cost of the construction was deduced from the taxes, which actually meant that the theatre construction was paid up by the state. However, the project was approved by the Parliament, and the construction started in June 2001 and finished 1 October 2004.

The new Opera House

Inside the new Opera House

The total area of the opera house is some 41 thousand m². The building consists of 14 floors, five of which are underground. The height of the building is 54 metres. The area of two stages and the lobby is 7000 m², while the area of underground premises is 12 thousand m². The hall in front of the Store Scene has the capacity of 1500 viewers and the orchestra pit, for up to 110 musicians. The house is divided into the stalls and three balconies. The building has a walking level under the roof, which gives an amazing view on Copenhagen.

Inside the new Opera House

The second house Takkelloftet has the capacity of up to 180 viewers. In the lobby of the Opera house there is a café and a restaurant. The theatre has around a thousand utility rooms. The area in front of the Opera House is paved with granite and takes up the plot of 5500 m². The finishing of the building was made of South German calcite, Sicilian marble, white maple and 24 kt gold foil.

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4. Wallmans restaurant cabaret has the unique concept of a dinner show. The show consists of wonderful performances of talented artists, sophisticated cuisine and beverages. Formal atmosphere, high quality service and a fascinating show on the stage engage guests and take them to the imaginary world of feast and give an unforgettable and impressive evening. 

Address: Jernbanegade 8, Copenhagen
Tel.: +45 33 16 37 00
Web.: Wallmans

Working hours: Restaurant opens at 18:00, the show starts at 19:00 and lasts till 23:00, after which the restaurant turns into the night club with a disco, which in turn lasts till 02:00.
Type of cuisine: 5 different menus to choose from. They are based on meat, fish or vegetarian products

Video about the Wallmans show:

Prices vary from 475 DKK to 1 195 DKK (depending on the day of week, selected menu, category of the ticket and the season, when the show is performed). The shows are 3 times a week: on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Thursday tickets are much cheaper than on Friday and Saturday. All the menus are basically similar to each other. The difference being only in the selection of the main dish: steak, lamb, fish or vegetarian. The menu usually includes: several starters, soup, the main course and a number of desserts. Beverages are paid extra: wines – from 52DKK per glass, from 239 DKK per bottle, beer – from 35 DKK per 0.33 l glass or from 49 DKK per pint, a bottle of mineral water costs 29 DKK, tea/ coffee is 29 DKK.

Wallmans show building

Inside Wallmans building

Wallmans cabaret show is something unique in its way. There is nothing similar to it in Copenhagen. Over the past 8 years, the show has been visited by over 550 000 people. You are offered 5 different menus to taste, which are served in the pauses between artists’ performances. You can expect interesting music and the entertainment programme, consisting of 9 performances, held in the former building of the circus, virtually opposite the Tivoli amusement park, in the very centre of Copenhagen.

Wallmans show

Wallmans show

Wallmans show

Wallmans show

Wallmans show

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