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Islands Brygge, also known as Bryggen, is one of the central districts of Copenhagen, located on the north coast of the island of Amager. In the 2000s this district was actively built up and over the past years it has become popular with wealthy people. In the northern part there are mainly residential premises of the early 20th century with offices and small shops on the ground floor. The other part of the area has been built up recently with tower office buildings. 

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By the early 2013 some 13 000 people had opted for Islands Brygge as the place of their permanent residence in Copenhagen. The district of Islands Brygge borders on artifictial lakes in the north, on the city canal in the west, with a cottage settlement Nokken in the south, and with huge Amager Fælled park in the east.

The area was named Islands Brygge probably after the ships, which were moored here and then left for Iceland (Island). Before 1880 the territory of this district was under water, and then thanks to the military men the area was gradually built up first with the warehouses and a military shooting range. After a while here appeared military barracks. In the early 20th century the territory was extending southwards, where additional coal and construction materials warehouses were built. Since 1905 here appeared first residential premises. Housing investments did not pay back well, and in 1908 - 1910 many construction companies went bankrupt due to these projects. People just did not want to live here – the population of Islands Brygge in 1905 was 44 people only. 

By 1976 most military buildings had been pulled down and there appeared an armoury, a technical college, a number of houses and the building of the Radisson Scandinavia hotel. Since 2000 there was active development of this district with residential and office buildings. In 2005 the former silos towers were converted into premium-class apartments thanks to Jean Nouvel’s workshop, SimCorp, HK/Danmark, KL and Deloitte built their luxurious office blocks there. At the same time the construction of a pedestrian bridge, connecting district Islands Brygge with another popular area of Copenhagen, Vesterbro, started. This 190-metre pedestrian bridge across the city canal cost the city 6.5 m. euros, and it was open in September 2006.

The district of Islands Brygge is famous for its coastline and Havneparken quay, which is one of the most popular recreation areas in Copenhagen. Havneparken is the place for swimming in the city canal. It is indeed unique, created as swimming facilities with a large grassy beach for around 600 people. Just 15 years ago the existence of this trendy summer place of out of question – the water was polluted so much that it was really dangerous. Long efforts of the municipal authorities turned out to be fruitful and now city dwellers and its guests may bathe and swim in the centre of Copenhagen. As soon as it becomes warm, the place is overcrowded, everybody lies in the sun, grills something on single-use grills, play games, eat ice-cream, bathe and just enjoy their lives.

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