Copenhagen in our opinion is one of the most beautiful capitals of the world, a city that is often called "The Pearl of Scandinavia". Copenhagen is unusual, diverse and fabulous in its own way, a city that everyone should visit at least once in life. Despite its size, Copenhagen has a lot to offer for curious tourists. Almost everything is within walking distance and here you will find many places where it will be interesting both adults and children.

Denmart Travel team consists of professionals who have been working many years in tourism, who have lived for many years in Copenhagen, who know Copenhagen in and out and will be happy to share this knowledge, with everyone visiting Copenhagen.


Maksim - project inspirer, a developer of new routes and simply a good man. My path started in Riga, Latvia where he was educated as a lawyer, graduated from the St. Petersburg branch of the Institute of Foreign Economic Relations, Economics and Law. Then I moved to Denmark, where I studied for several years on the island of Bornholm with the specialty Tourism and Hospitality Management.

Has been living in Copenhagen since 2006,  where I studied at CBS - Copenhagen Business School and already at this moment fell in love with this country so much that decided to stay here. Than I realized, that Iwould like to be a guide, because this is the best job ever. That brought me to the University of Roskilde, where I became a professional guide. I love meeting need people, discover new places with our travelers and telling interesting stories related about Copenhagen.


MetteMette - is a professional guide from the University of Roskilde. Besides that Mette is the developer of excursions and a spring of useful information about Denmark.

Copenhagen is full of exiting, dramatic and passionate stories. I cannot wait to tell you the stories and show you the colours of Copenhagen. My goal is to give you a personal experience of Danish history, culture and foodtasting for your first day in Copenhagen. Set time aside for a traditional Danish Smorrebrod (open sandwiches) lunch midway through the tour. You will not regret it :-)

I have a masters degree in History and Communication, and I have worked with different, exciting and fun life stories for many years. Come to Copenhagen and I'll be glad to share with you my passion for Copenhagen.


Beta (full name Alzhbeta) - is another good exampel of person devoted to this job. A professional guide, generator of new ideas and tour developer as well as mother of three children. Beta is an extremely charming and knowlegeable woman and interesting person.

I got pedagogical and psychological education, while I was living in Moscow. I was working many years in HR department. Than I met my current danish husband and moved to Denmark. I am as no one else can get you familiar the nuances of the Danish culture and mentality, because this is the part of her daily life. I love people, love my job and the city of Copenhagen. It is increadable to live in a city without traffic jams, where the amount of bicycles exceeds 5 times the amount of cars. You have to experience it and I would love to help you out with this.


Larisa - is one of our consultants and idea creators. A person who really knows Denmark, legends and interesting stories. After she graduated from the philological faculty of Moscow State University Larisa she worked for many years in the Scandinavian department of international Radio and Television department in the USSR.

I have been living in Denmark since 1991 in the town of Helsingor, where I worked for almost 20 years in the castle of Kronborg. In the 1990s, I collaborated with the Russian TV channel in the framework of the EU cultural project "Window to Europe". Appeared on Danish TV with the author's programs on folk customs and traditions of Denmark and Russia. I also published a series of essays on culture and danish-russian relations, as well as novels, short stories and translations in many danish mass media.

If you need a guide in Copenhagen or Denmark send your requests to our e-mail: or call us at +45 23 41 56 09 and we will make you visit to Copenhagen unforgettable. We can meet you at the airport, arrange transfers, help with registration at the hotel, help you out with plannig of your trip, an excursion to the most interesting corners of Denmark, will explain how the public transport operates, will advise a good restaurant and will answer all related questions of your trip to danish kingdom. You request will be replied within 24 hours. contact. 

We'll show you the town through the eyes of a local residents, as a best friend whom you came to visit. Our task is to show you the best in Copenhagen, so you could say, "Wow - that was cool! I did not know that there are so many interesting things in the country, which is not so easy to find on a map of the world! " 

Enjoy your best moments in Denmark with "Denmark Travel"!

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