Østerbro district

Østerbro is the most prestigious district of Copenhagen. Nearly 71 000 people, as of 2011, selected this district as their residence in the Danish capital. This is mainly the residential area of the Danish intelligentsia, with wonderful parks where people can relax lying on the lawns. For those who love active lifestyle there is a nice opportunity to do water sports here. Here is the oldest swimming pool in Copenhagen Øbro Hallen, and next to it there is a huge park, which hosts public festivals.

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Østerbro is the district of man-made lakes. Locals jog non-stop around them, Andersen’s Little Mermaid, the symbol of the city, sits here, numerous cruise liners call here from March to October, here is a football arena Parken, which hosts various football matches and concerts of world-known stars, here is the second most popular restaurant in the city, the holder of 2 Michelin stars, "Geranium", as well as numerous embassies and commercial representative offices. Generally, Østerbro is ideal for those who appreciate comfort and safety, respect and style.

Østerbro district

The district was named Østerbro after a paved road, which led to the centre of Copenhagen. The situation with the names of other districts of the Danish capital like Vesterbro and Nørrebro is similar. In the Middle Ages, there was an earth dike around Copenhagen and there were several gates for merchants and common citizens to get to the city centre. The northern gate was called Nørreport, the western – Vesterport, and the eastern one – Østerport. Behind it there gradually emerged the district of Østerbro the way we know it today.

Broad boulevards, parks, designer stores and all kinds of delicatessens are typical of this district. Østerbro is to the north of the centre of Copenhagen and is the most premium area of the city. It is one of the most attractive and expensive places for living in the Danish capital. Walk along the man-made lakes, come and see the Little Mermaid, pass by the houses in Nyboder, built by king Christian IV for the port workers and seamen in the early 17th century, lie on the grass in one of the city parks, and if the weather is good enough, go to Svanemøllestranden beach, opened in 2010. Shoppers will not be disappointed here either, since the High street of the area called Østerbrogade is abundant in exclusive stores and small restaurants.

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