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Copenhagen can offer a lot to curious tourists, gourmets, goers to museums and exhibitions, those who like walking and looking at extraordinary architecture. If it seems to you that you have already been in all corners of the Danish capital, we offer you to set off on a trip around the suburbs of Copenhagen, where you also can see lots of interesting and exciting.

1. The city of Hillerød is especially famous due to the castle of Frederiksborg, described below. Hillerød is also well-known by its park of knowledge and culture, where people gather at weekends to have a good time in the open air. Frankly speaking, the town of Hillerød is tiny but there are shops here and the local shopping mall was awarded with the price for the most beautiful shopping mall in Europe in 1993...Read more

Hillerød city

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2. If you happen to get interested in seeing the way the Danish elite live, I recommend you to go along the quay to the small Danish city of Humlebæk, located to the north of Copenhagen. This is where the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art is situated. Along with the museum Humlebæk may boast the farm of Krogerup, where on 80 hectares organic vegetables are grown, as well as fields and forests. And that is all about Humlebæk....Read more

Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

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3. Helsingør is a town on the northeast coast of the Danish island of Zealand. It is famous worldwide as the setting for play "Hamlet" by William Shakespeare. The name of Helsingør originates from the root Hals, meaning a "narrow strait". Helsingør is a beautiful port town with good and rich history, a recently renovated museum of ship building, a ferry, a Carmelite monastery of the 15th century and lots of different events held in this town all year round...Read more

Helsingør city

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4. Dragør is an ancient settlement on the island of Amager, founded in the early 12th century. Owing to its location next to the Kastrup airport and Swedish Malmo, well-preserved historic centre and proximity to the centre of Copenhagen prices of property here are among the highest in Denmark. A visit to this town will be exciting for the people who like antiquities and ancient architecture, as well as for all those seeking to see beautiful nature and sea views...Read more

Dragør city

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5. Køge is an ancient and commercial town to the south of Copenhagen. Many houses here date back to the mid-16th – early 17th centuries. Moreover, in Køge there is an old gothic church of the mid-13th century and one of the oldest preserved wooden buildings erected in 1527. Today Køge is a place of residence for well-off people. It is here that they build mansions to live on the coast of the picturesque Køge bay....Read more

Køge city

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6. The city of Roskilde was named after the legendary founder, King Ro and saint sources (kilde), a part of which has been preserved in the outskirts of the town. Roskilde is the former residence of Danish kings from с 1020 to 1416, the capital of Denmark until 1443. It was here that on 28 February 1658 the Peace Treaty of Roskilde was signed terminating the 40-year Danish-Swedish war...Read more

Roskilde city

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7. The city of Ringsted is one of the oldest settlements on the Sjaelland peninsula. The history of the town dates back to the beginning of the 11th century, the time of the Vikings. This is the place of the first preserved stone Danish Saint Benedict’s church built in 1170. Despite the age, Ringsted does not make the impression of the historically ancient town. Today’s Ringsted reminds of a commercial and cultural centre with modern built-up area, a congress centre, a concert hall and a town theatre...Read more

Ringsted city

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