Dangers in Copenhagen

Copenhagen is a safe city in all respects. However, even here a person can get into trouble if he or she does not follow simple safety rules. What one should be cautious of in city streets will be discussed in this article.

1. Pickpockets and thimble-riggers

Like in any big city these can be found in Copenhagen too. Be careful when meeting new people, do not hug with them, do not drink too much alcohol in the company of strangers, do not accept invitations to parties, because you may go broke. At times in the pedestrian areas thimble-riggers can be seen. Do not get tempted and do not seek the ways to make money easily. It is not possible.

Pickpocketing in Copenhagen

It is a good idea to make a copy of your passport upon your arrival in the country, whereas the passport should be left in the hotel room safe. The copy of your passport can be restored more easily than the passport itself.

Entrance to freetown Christiania

2. When visiting the district of Christiania, do not use your camera, since it is locally prohibited. Otherwise, you may have a conflict and try not to abuse marihuana. Local authorities turn a blind eye to smoking marihuana and anasha in Christiania, do not try to smoke it in other areas of Copenhagen as you may be fined. Watch out for pickpockets in Christiania during various street performance. Do not get distracted.

Parking place in Copenhagen

3. You should park at paid parking lots or in dedicated areas. You must have a ticket even if you leave it for a short time. Keep in mind that a ticket on the parking lot must be well visible on the car. In Denmark everything is based on trust, if you take a ticket with you or hide in the glove compartment, you will be fined and no explanations will help to evade paying the fine. Do not leave anything valuable in visible places in the car, the glass may be broken and valuables stolen.

Istedgade street in Copenhagen

4. In Copenhagen there are problematic areas - Norrebro partly the area of Bronshøj where lots of Arabs, Turks and other national communities live. When it gets dark in the streets there are a lot of dark skin guys, who gather in groups and apparently have nothing to do. Therefore, at night for a peaceful tourist it is better not to get near these places. The neighbourhood of Istedgade – this street starts behind the central railway station and in the evening it is full of drug dealers, prostitutes and other astonishing representatives of the night Copenhagen. If you do not want to get into troubles, you had better not walk there at dark.

6. Remember that it is preferable to exchange your foreign currency not in the hotel (since the exchange rate there is 20 - 30 % lower), but in the bank or in currency exchange offices in the city. Telephone calls from the hotel shall be paid by you on the day of your check out, similarly to your drinks taken from the minibar. Keep in mind that calls from the hotel cost 2 - 3 times more than from a public pay phone. The same refers to drinks from the minibar. It is much simpler and cheaper to buy what you need in the nearest supermarket or 7/11 store, open in Copenhagen round the clock.

7. Your own drinks are inacceptable in all restaurants of Copenhagen. Do not try to bring anything, if you do not want to get into a silly situation.

8. Tap water is drinkable, so you can save on the mineral water. Leaving tips, remember that they may be included into the bill.

Finally, I would like to say that you should try to spend your holiday so that any accidents turn out to be pleasant only and do not spoil your stay in Denmark!

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