Danish customs

Duty free imports include:
Strong alcohol - 1 l wine, liqueur - 1 l; cigarettes - 200 pcs, or cigars - 50 pcs; household goods – for the personal needs; 500 g coffee and 100 g tea; medicines may be imported for personal used only. Personal care products or products intended for being used as gifts must not exceed 430 euros per person when entering the country. 

Restricted imports
1. Domestic animals must be identified (mark or electronic identification system), have rabies vaccination, as well as a veterinary certificate.

2. Milk powder for babies, baby food and special medical food products (including food for pets), may be permitted, if they are not to be kept chilled before opening, and if it is a sealed manufactured product in its original packaging.

3. Coats, fur and leather footwear made of protected species – a special license is required.

Foreign currency – no restrictions, provided it is imported from the EU. All the travelers from outside the EU, shall declare amounts, exceeding 10 000 euros or their equivalents in other currencies.

It is strictly prohibited to import: drugs, weapons, poisons and psychopharmaceuticals.

Taking money out of the country: it is forbidden to export gold coins from Denmark. 50 (and over) thousand Danish crowns may be taken from the country only with the certificate that this amount was purchased for a foreign currency or was imported to the country.

Having a Schengen visa you can freely travel across Denmark as well as visit Iceland, which is within the Schengen zone. However, if you decide to visit Greenland or the Faroe Islands you will need a special permit to enter these countries, unless you are a citizen of a Scandinavian country.

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