Districts of Copenhagen

Copenhagen is a very diverse city, with rich history and unusual architecture. What is the history of Copenhagen districts? And who are its citizens? We will discuss it here.

1. A small and old area Christianshavn with narrow streets and pretty houses is the most beautiful part of Copenhagen, the place where the current population is about 10 000 (as of the end of 2006). The area of Christianshavn was founded by king Christian IV in 1619 as a fortress, which is clearly confirmed by 12 bastions...Read more

Our Savior's Church

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2. Frederiksberg is a town in the Danish capital region, the fifth largest town in Denmark after Copenhagen, Arhus, Odense and Aalborg, as of mid-2013 the population of Frederiksberg was 102029. The history of Frederiksberg started 2 June 1651, when the king of Denmark and Norway Frederik III granted the title to a few dozens of Danish – Dutch families to...Read more

Frederiksberg district

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3. Islands Brygge, also known as Bryggen, one of the central districts of Copenhagen, located on the north coast of the island of Amager. In the 2000s this district was actively built up and over the past years it has become popular with wealthy people. In the northern part there are mainly...Read more

Islands Brygge quay

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4. Nørrebro is a residential area to the north of the centre of Copenhagen. Its population is 75 714 people and it is the busiest district of the Danish capital. The district of Nørrebro gained its contemporary look, when the dikes around Copenhagen were destroyed in 1850. Since then the area has been developing...Read more

Superkilen project, Nørrebro district

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5. Ørestad is the district of new housing development and ultramodern architecture, the place which was uncharted on the city maps just 16 years ago. However, today 8.500 people, according to the data of the mid-2013, opted for this area as their permanent residence. The area of Ørestad is conveniently located; a trip on a local train to Kastrup international airport takes 6 minutes...Read more

Ørestad district

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6. Østerbro is the most prestigious district of Copenhagen. Nearly 71 000 people, as of 2011, selected this district as their residence in the Danish capital. This is mainly the residential area of the Danish intelligentsia, with wonderful parks where people can relax lying on the lawns. For those who love active lifestyle there is a nice opportunity to do water sports here...Read more

Østerbro district

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7. Vesterbro, is a specific area of modern Copenhagen, as described by its name, located in the western part of the Danish capital. Just recently this area was considered one of the roughest parts of the city. It was notorious by its prostitutes, drug trafficking, different subculture groups....Read more

Vesterbro district

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