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Speaking about mobile communication, it is probably worth thinking about the duration of your stay in the country. If you come for a few days only, you should not worry too much about mobile communication. Try not to use your phone, and if required, use text messages. If you need to call, do it from a fixed phone or buy a local sim card.

If your trip lasts over two days, then for the comfort and money saving, I offer you to buy a card of one of the local mobile operators. For example, I can suggest such cards as Lebara or One Mobile, which sell in small shops and Arabic stalls.

A start package with a mobile phone number will cost you only 49 DKK (7 euros). To feel more comfortable you can buy an additional pre-payment card for 50 or 100 DKK (8/16 euro). Insert the card into the phone, read the instructions and activate the card, erase the prepayment card code and activate it too. If you cannot do it yourself, ask the salesperson to do it for you. Five minutes later you will be able to use the phone.

The rates of calls from Lebara card are 1 DKK in Denmark, sms – 0.69 DKK. The cost of data transfer is 0.99 DKK per megabyte, MMS – 1.99 DKK, sms abroad – 1.99 DKK. Calls abroad, call to the USA cost 15 DKK/min., around Europe – 15 DKK/min. You can find more about the call rates from this card here.

When calling from the payphones it is typical that the phone first takes a coin and only after that you can start dialing. Even if the number is busy, the coin will not be returned.

In new phone booths the coin shall be inserted only after the interlocutor answers. In most new telephone booths there is lack of telephone directories.

The specific feature of the Danish telephone network is the fact that the city code is to be dialed even for the intra-city calls: 0 <city code>-<subscriber number>. Copenhagen code - 31

For the calls abroad it is necessary to dial: 009-< country code>-< city code>-<subscriber number>. The Danish country code is: 0045

112 is the unified emergency telephone number uniting the rescue service, police, fire protection service and ambulance.

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