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Denmark is famous for its high quality china, sports equipment, fabrics, textile, crafts, fur, crystal, jewelry, silver, glass, furniture and even hi-fi stereo appliances – all being of flawless quality.

Design shops in Copenhagen:

If you treat shopping not as a mere need to update your clothing and home interior, but also as a way to create your own individual style in clothing and interior design, then you have come to the right place. In Denmark you can find high quality goods of both local and foreign world-renowned brands, made in compliance with the best designer traditions and trends of modern fashion.

Strøet, car free shopping area in Copenhagen

If you are looking for clothes and footwear, then you can take the advantage of: Ecco, Munthe plus Simonse, Bruuns Bazar, Birger Christensen, Sweater House, Blе Form Design, Red/Roses, Lubarol, SBJ Borgstrшm, Sand, Oleana, Kitch Bitch, 1206, Viola Sky, Pede & Stoffer, Gentlemen’s Affair, By Malene Birger, A pair, Kassandra, Marc by Marc Jakobs, A New Player, Diva & Debauchery, Street Charm, Exclusive Feminity.

High quality danish fur

Denmark is a leader in the global production of high quality furs and fur products for adults as well as children from 6 months! Annual fur auctions in Copenhagen gather representatives of all and any biggest leading fur and fur products manufacturers. You will be pleased to see the prices of fur and leather products – they mean not only tах –free savings but also 20-30% discounts when buying from the producer directly.

If you have a habit to buy souvenirs, visit Town Shop Amalienborg which is in Toldbodgade 51E. Here you will probably find the lowest prices of postcards, mugs with landscapes and other trifles in the capital.

Royal life guards in Denmark

Jewelry and watches of various dedicated houses are represented by the following brands: Georg Jensen, Plaza, Niobium, Lund, Kern, P.Hertz, Oleana Copenhagen and Rosendahl will always remind you of the wonderful time you had in the Danish Kingdom!

To make your home interior modern and comfortable address Illums Bolighus, а также Le Klint, Designer Zoo, Geismarrs, Holmegaard Glasswork, Arne Jacobsen и Bang & Olufsen, as well as Hi - Fi. The latter, by the way, produce futuristic design Hi-Fi equipment. It is exorbitantly expensive but really appreciated in the world of sound. If you have children in your house, do not forget about "LEGO" toys.

Royal porcelain

And, finally, the zest of your interior will be royal china items Royal Copenhagen. This trading company has been operating for over 250 years now and its reputation worldwide is flawless.

Convenience stores at petrol stations and kiosks may also be open in the evening. Specialty authorized tourist shops of Copenhagen and also those in leisure centres can be open in summer on Sundays. Large department stores Fields, Fisketorvet, Illum, Magasin from 10:00 to 20:00. In Denmark the VAT is always included in the price on the tag. Foreign visitors are entitled to 20% tax return; from handmade items – 5%, if you made purchases for at least 300 DKK/55 USD.

"Field's" - the biggest shopping centre in Denmark

The return procedure: fill in a "Tax Free" form provided in a shop, produce it to the customs representative at the airport before checking in and the tax will be returned to you in cash.

If we do not take into account Scandinavian standards, Denmark is definitely an expensive country. Partly, it is due to 25% tax on all goods and services, including hotel rooms and retail purchases. Nevertheless, your expenses will depend on you, and it is quite real to consider Denmark as your destination without millions in your pocket. Denmark often frequently offers special offers and goods are sold at 50% discount or even more. Therefore, while shopping you may find real bargains. If you decide to use numerous Danish camping sites or stay in inexpensive hotels and cook yourself, then you will be able to live on 30 US dollars a day. If you stay in medium class hotels and eat in inexpensive restaurants, you should be ready to spend 65-75 US dollars a day. The cheapest places are those where buffet with pizza Mediterranean and Greek cuisines are offered.

Car rental in Denmark

Hiring a car in Denmark is very expensive; if you need to be at the wheel, you should rent a car in Germany, which is usually three times cheaper, and cross the border. All major traveler’s checks are accepted in the biggest Danish banks, but exchange includes high commission rate, therefore, it is preferable to exchange a significant amount at once. Foreign currency may be exchanged in post offices that are open on Saturdays, which is very convenient. Nearly all the banks are equipped with ATMs, where you can get cash on credit cards.

In Copenhagen there are also 24/7 foreign exchange ATMs. Restaurant and taxi bills include service payment so there is no need to give tips, though you may leave the change, if you liked the service. It is not conventional in Denmark to bargain in shops.

Welcome to Copenhagen for shopping!!!

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