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  • In Vikings footsteps, Mysterious castle of Kronborg
    ”We are a children’s camp "Atlantis". 20 lively, noisy, curious children and four serious counsellors. We are planning a trip six months beforehand, we have a dozen of extra requests, intensive schedule and lots of "items". We know that it is hard to work with us, and therefore, we especially appreciate the guides, who cope with us. Denmark travel managed to do it very well. We are grateful to Denmark travel staff for clear organization, emotions and amazing sense of humour. We had a great time in Copenhagen and Kronborg thanks to you. Hope to see you again!”

  • Christiania tour, Copenhagen by car
    ”At the appointed time representatives of Denmark travel met us in our hotel and we started our highlight Copenhagen city tour in a comfortable car. The guide is a good speaker who can attract attention of adults as well as children. The tour route is well defined. The tour to three castles is long, but thanks to the interesting way of presenting information time flew! We liked the fact that during the tour your guide engaged children, asking them questions on literature, history, and logical thinking! Children are animated and are eager to hear more and more. We will come back to Denmark, because we have not seen everything worth visiting. See you soon”.

  • In Vikings footsteps, Palaces of Copenhagen, In Hamlet's footsteps
    ”Dear prospect travellers heading for Denmark! I do advise you to use help and knowledge of the people from Denmark travel, not to miss anything by chance in this magical and fairy country, the country of legends and Vikings. All the guides that worked with us impressed by their deep knowledge in history, culture, arts in Denmark and also pleased with easy to acquire material presentation, which we had to digest within a short period of time. Touching care of the group comfort. These tours leave an amazing aftertaste. Next time – only with Denmark travel!”

  • Copenhagen on foot
    ”I liked it very much! Though the tour was quite short, I still remember a lot out of it. History and interesting facts, laid out in a simple and memorable form! Thank you very much! I hope we will come again and will have much more time to communicate and go sightseeing in this beautiful city!”

  • Swedish pearl — Malmo!, A trip to the old capital of Denmark — Roskilde, Copenhagen by bike
    ”My trip to the fairy country of Denmark went very well! I was especially lucky with guides. I am grateful to Denmark travel, who were able to arrange and schedule these marvellous, interesting and comfortable tours in Copenhagen, Malmo and Roskilde! I will schedule the following trips as I would like to see much more in this fabulous country!”

  • A trip to medieval Denmark, a trip to the old Danish capital — Roskilde

    ”Thank you very much for opening for me this amazing, fabulous and comfortable country. I can confidently say that despite cold and windy November I will remember this trip as one of the most fascinating trips in my life, leaving the warmest memories. Thank you for telling and showing me those things and places which are normally hidden in guidebooks and which are uncharted, which you can learn of only from the person who knows and loves this wonderful country. An extended car highlight tour is exactly what the person needs, when coming to the city and the country for the first time and not knowing all their specifics. It was very pleasant that the tour was not just a dry fact and date file, but an exciting story about the history, life, home, as if I was a participant by myself. I saw both ancient and contemporary Denmark at its best, and fell in love with it. Special thanks to the tour to the castles and the old capital of Roskilde. So everything was so welcoming that I felt like being at my closest friends’. Thank you and see you next time”.

  • Copenhagen by car,  a trip to Mon Klint cliffs
    ”We got a merry and easy-going guide with artistic skills! We went as a family, four of us, and everybody enjoyed the trip! The guide managed to interest us all regardless of age and needs. I would especially like to note good speech and sense of humour of our guide:) Special thanks for a wonderful trip to chalk cliffs and Liselund park”.

  • Copenhagen on foot, Swedish pearl - "Malmo", Empire ”Carlsberg”, 3 royal castles in one day
    ”From 1 to 5 February we were in Denmark, a group of 40 people. All the tours provided by Denmark travel were very interesting. Though I understand that it is rather hard to work with such a large group and attract and keep its attention, the guides of Denmark travel did it perfectly. Special thanks to the assistance to us in organizing our leisure: before the trip we were assisted in selecting restaurants, menu translation, booking accommodation. As a result it saved us a lot of time and money during the stay in the country. I recommend Denmark travel to all”.

  • Mysterious castle of Kronborg, Copenhagen on foot
    ”We spent two days in Denmark in the company of the guides from Denmark travel and we are really satisfied. We took the highlight city tour, and also visited the castle of Kronborg. Perfect knowledge of the field, exciting facts, and meaningful narration. It is evident that the staff of Denmark travel love Denmark, its history, help tourists look at this country as if they were locals. We were moved by attention and helpfulness. Following our guide’s advice we visited local restaurants serving traditional food and it was good. Denmark has left pleasant memories so we are planning to come back. I strongly recommend Denmark travel as professionals”.

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