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“Architecture is exponent of morals” once noted Honore de Balzac, and we fully agree with him. We invite you dear travellers to discover the architecture of Copenhagen and get to know this fascinating city, where modern buildings are erected next to the architectural solutions, which are 400-years old, where nothing seems to be able to slow down the power of engineering, pressure of time and construction technologies, eventually, expressed in concrete, glass and metalwork.

Architecture of Copenhagen is a delight for public as well as for professional architects or designers. There quite a few architectural masterpieces and I offer to use a car to speed up travelling across the city.

We will start our tour from the symbol of Copenhagen – the Little Mermaid, who has been sitting on Langelinje quay for nearly 100 years now. Having seen the main symbol of Copenhagen, we will get into the car and rush towards Churchill park nearby, where we will hear the story of creating the island of Sjaelland, where Copenhagen is situated, we will also see the New Royal Opera House and the Anglican St Albany church.

Having relished the quay views, we will set off to the winter royal residence Amalienborg. Here we will learn the story of the epoch of Frederik V, find out more about the royal guardians, and look at the most magnificent church in Copenhagen – the Marble church, and, if lucky, will see Aleksandr Nevsky Orthodox church located not far away.

The rhythm of life in Copenhagen:

The next stop will be made in one of the most expensive areas of Copenhagen – New Harbour (Nyhavn), the place present on almost all the postcards of Copenhagen. Here we will find out the history of this district, and also see the house, where fairy-tale teller H.C. Andersen once lived.

Next to Nyhavn there is the historic centre of the city, where we will certainly go. During the following stop we will learn how Copenhagen was founded, will visit one of the most popular tourist attractions – Amager square, will see the heart of political life in Denmark – Christiansborg palace, the Supreme court building and Thorvaldsens museum, will find out who gave the green light to the Constitution of Denmark, who built the stock exchange building and what is the meaning of the underwater sculptures in the city canal.

Having made a small ride along city streets we will arrive at the place, where the pedestrian street is divided by two squares. That was the place for public executions in the Middle Ages, that was where criminals were imprisoned, that the place where the previous buildings of the city hall were located and here you will hear the story of Copenhagen of that time. After a history brief, we will come back to modern times and see the main cathedral of Copenhagen, built in the Neoclassical style – the Church of Our Lady.

Well, here we are in front of the City hall square – here we will have our final stop during the tour. We will see the founder of Copenhagen – bishop Absalon, learn the history of the Lure Blowers, meet great fairy-tale teller Andersen and the Tivoli amusement park, find out where zero kilometre is situated and what is Stroget and why this pedestrian street is called so.

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*For those who like unusual architecture, we have an extended variant of the Highlight Car Tour, including Ørestad area – the district of experimental and extraordinary architecture, whose estates have been repeatedly voted the best residencies in the world. It is here that 8 House, the largest exposition complex in Copenhagenе Bella Center, the biggest hotel in the shape of a dancing couple, the mountain house, the Danish mass media centre, experimental high school and Fields, the largest shopping mall of the city, are located. Having visited the Ørestad area you will be impressed by the abundance of unconventional architecture and will learn the background of its development.

The next stop will be Christianhavn area, the dream of all hippies that has come true - Christiania, a legendary area, where the words of the equality and fraternity are not just words, they are supported with a good portion of marihuana, which can be freely bought and smoked here. This is Copenhagen’s underground, where the strangest representatives of the Danish capital live. This is an intriguing place, attracting tourists like a magnet. However, for many it is inacceptable and odd! The excursion to Ørestad and Christiania will lengthen the tour by one - one and a half hours and increase its price by 100 euros.

Tour length: standard version 3 hours, extended version 4 - 4,5 hours.

The tour price:
for 1 - 3 people: from October to April: basic version is 200 euro, the extended one is 300 euro.
From May to September: 250 euro, the extended one is 350 euro.
for 4 - 12 people upon request.

Specific features of the tour: travelling by car, we will be able to see more without getting tired. This is a special tour, during which you will visit the most significant tourist sights and architectural monuments of Copenhagen, as well as learn interesting facts about their creation.

Copenhagen by car

Send your requests to our e-mail: or call us at +45 20 66 30 93 and we will make you visit to Copenhagen unforgettable. Do not forget to indicate the desired date of the tour, the name of the hotel, where the plan to live in Copenhagen, the number of participants and your mobile phone for communication. You request will be replied within 24 hours.

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