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Ordinary items surrounding us in our everyday life keep extraordinary background of smart solutions. Everything around us has been designed: furniture, urban architecture, household items, clothing and footwear, children’s toys, dishware and transport. For decades Danish designed items have been recognized worldwide as a role model for others in creating beautiful, original and functional products. I invite you to the world of the Danish design to find out in practice what it is today.

During the 3-hour tour ion Copenhagen we will learn about the most famous Danish designer brands and will hear the stories of their success: Arne Jacobsen – the developer of the first designer hotel in Copenhagen ”Radisson Blu Royal” (he was the first in the world to do it); Paul Henningsen – the inventor of PH lamps, which can be seen in any Danish house; Ole Christiansen – the founder of Lego company; Peter Bodum – the founder of household goods company with the motto based principle that “good design should be both functional and affordable”; Georg Jensen – exclusive household goods and silver jewellery.

Our tour will start in the very heart of Copenhagen near hotel ”Radisson Blu Royal”. We will go inside the hotel, developed by Arne Jacobsen, and will sit on chairs ”The Egg” and ”The Swan” that have been famous worldwide. Then we will walk along the central and historic parts of Copenhagen, during which you will learn about the history of Danish design, what Danish companies have made Denmark well-known around the world, what brands are the most popular today, and what interesting restaurants are there in Copenhagen and what is the Danish society, the Danes and the Danish lifestyle.

During the tour we will visit ”Sogreni” design workshop, which has been making bicycles manually over the past 30 years, will visit the Louis Poulsen (PH lamps) expo hall, in such stores as ”Lego” (children’s construction sets), ”Royal Copenhagen” (porcelain), ”Georg Jensen” (silverware), ”Bang & Olufsen” (futuristic design audio systems) and ”Bodum” (designer kitchenware).

The excursion will finish on the popular Nyhavn quay, where we will visit the exposition hall of House of Amber company. Here you will learn why amber is called "Northern gold", what jewels can be made of this precious stone, and if you go to the amber museum upstairs you will be able to trace the 30-million year history of this stone and find out how and where it is produced in Scandinavia.

Tour length: 3 - 3,5 hours.

Tour price: 200 euros for a group of 1 - 2 people, for each additional person 15 euros. Entrance tickets to the Museum of amber are not included in the price and are charged separately (25 DKK for adults and 10 DKK for children over 12 years).

Important: the route may be subject to certain changes.

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Specific features of the tour: within 3 hours you will certainly not become a real expert in Danish design but you will know what it is in practice, will drop in exclusive exhibition showrooms and designer shops, as well as have a great time and hear lots of exciting stories from the life of modern Copenhagen.

Send your requests to our e-mail: or call us at +45 20 66 30 93 and we will make you visit to Copenhagen unforgettable. Do not forget to indicate the desired date of the tour, the name of the hotel, where the plan to live in Copenhagen, the number of participants and your mobile phone for communication. You request will be replied within 24 hours.

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