Grand tour Copenhagen

If you are interested in our tours, it means that you are seeking something special, more than just facts and dates, which you could find on a standard bus tour. We understand you quite well, because also prefer fiction to newspaper news. Welcome to the world of our tours. Here will be stories about people, who lived or live in Copenhagen, history of streets and squares, what happened at a particular place 100 - 200 years ago ...

Besides, we can share our personal experience about living in Copenhagen, since we have been living here for many years and we know perfectly well city life and national features of the locals. Our task is to get you hooked by Copenhagen, so coming back home you would say: ”Wow, it was really cool! I even could not imagine that there could be so much interesting to learn about the country which was hard to find on the map”.

We will not dwell on those sights which are visible to everybody. Instead, we will try to get a glimpse behind the "scenes" and learn delicate stories about different parts of Copenhagen. Do you want to know the stories hiding behind the facades of the buildings, sculptures and monuments? Then you cannot do without us, you guide on the land of the Vikings.

Our tour starts in the City hall square, opposite the monument to H. C. Andersen. Here you will learn about the City hall, Tivoli amusement park, the sculpture of Lure Blowers, of the specific features of the City hall tower, something that you still do not know about the fairy-tale teller Andersen, about the best underground in the world and longest pedestrian street in Europe - Strøget.

Then, long the pedestrian street, we will get to the historic part of the city. Here you are awaited by the oldest city market and complicated history of the churches nearby. You will probably get butterflies in your stomach – you will see the bloody spot – the place of public executions, will learn about their procedures in Denmark.

After that we will travel to the Latin block and see the oldest high school of the city. We will look at the beautiful building of the mid-17th century – the Round tower, which keeps many stories, one of which is about Russian Emperor Peter the Great. On our way to the heart of the pedestrian street, we will see the museum of Post and Telegraph and will talk about contemporary Copenhagen.

The crossroads between 2 pedestrian streets is the very centre of Copenhagen. It is always busy here; there is a lot to see and to do. Here we will learn about one of the city symbols, the building of the Old Stock Exchange and Thorvaldsens museum of sculptures. You will learn, by the way, why the palace of Christiansborg, the seat of the Parliament, has such a strange shape, and will also enrich your knowledge about the founder of Copenhagen and one of the most warlike Danish rulers – bishop Absalon.

Next, we will move to the Royal Square, where we you will hear the history of the most luxurious hotel in Copenhagen – D’Angleterre and the Royal Theatre.* Later we will slowly walk to the tourist mecca of our city – Nyhavn canal quay, with its numerous colourful cafés and restaurants, with moored yachts and tourist boats. Nyhavn is a place, where fairy teller Andersen loved to live in different locations, because this place is not far from the Royal Opera and Ballet Theatre, which Andersen adored.

Further, we will be met by the picturesque quay of Langelinje, with the winter royal residence Amalienborg, the marble church, which gives a wonderful view of the grand building of the New Royal Opera, Ophelia beach, and the Little Mermaid sitting on a large stone. On this cosy quay we will also learn how the island of Sjaelland, where Copenhagen is situated, was created. I will also point at the place on the quay, which will confirm my story.

Finally, we will share our experience about different trips around Copenhagen, how to get a boat trip on city canals almost free of charge and will answer any other questions regarding your stay in Copenhagen.

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*Extended highlight walking tour. The tour may be extended: we offer you to go to the ultramodern area of Ørestad by the best underground worldwide. A journey by underground is an equally compulsory part of a visit to Copenhagen as visiting the Little Mermaid or a walk along the pedestrian street. The Danish underground is clean, not deep, fully electrified, voted by many transport experts – the best in the world, where you can feel as if you a train driver, if you sit in the first row seats.

Ørestad is the area of ultramodern and unusual architecture in Copenhagen. 16 years ago this area did not exist on Copenhagen maps, 3 years ago it was still unmarked on Google maps, and today it is the centre of modern architecture. On the way to Ørestad underground goes up to the surface and turns into the ground train, opening varied architecture for curious tourists. This is what makes, to my mind, this trip a must in the programme of any visit to Copenhagen.

Travelling in Ørestad by underground we will see the dancing towers of the Bella Sky hotel. On the other side of the underground there are apartment gardens (VM Mountain) – this architectural project was voted the best residential building in the World Architecture Festival in 2008.

Having enjoyed the views of the architecture and space of the ultramodern Ørestad, we will get on the train and go to the official symbol of Copenhagen – the Little Mermaid. Then we will learn the history of Gefion fountain and walk along Langelinje quay, where we will look into the winter royal residence Amalienborg, see the gigantic Opera house and Ophelia beach. At last, we will attend to the tourist mecca of Copenhagen: Nyhavn quay, which “never sleeps” and where you can still see the places, where H.C. Andersen once lived in.

Tour length: around 2,5 hours, extended version 3 -3,5 hours.

The tour price:
1 - 4 people is 160 euro, the extended option costs 185 euro.
5 - 12 people 200 euro
+12 upon request. For children under 12 years old the tour is free of charge.

Specific features of the tour: you will have to walk a lot because there is no better way to see the city than to walk there. We will visit all the key tourist points of the central part of the city. A journey by metro with no drivers is an adventure itself. The tour will finish in a beautiful place, shown on nearly all the postcards of Copenhagen – Nyhavn quay, where you will have an opportunity to continue learning about the city, by getting a boat trip along the canals of Copenhagen.

Grand tour Copenhagen

Send your requests to our e-mail: or call us at +45 20 66 30 93 and we will make you visit to Copenhagen unforgettable. Do not forget to indicate the desired date of the tour, the name of the hotel, where the plan to live in Copenhagen, the number of participants and your mobile phone for communication. You request will be replied within 24 hours.

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