Mysterious Kronborg castle

This magnificent, severe and inaccessible at first sight castle was described as early as in the “Hamlet” tragedy by Shakespeare. The history of the castle is over 600 years in total. Taking into account its geographical location, it is evident that from the strategic point of view it is a very comfortable place, giving an opportunity to control the strait. It is the narrowest place of the Sound strait (just 4 km from Denmark to Sweden), and the Sound is the shortest sea way from the North to the Baltic Sea.

Kronborg castle

In the 15th century Danish king Erik of Pomerania erected a castle, being named Krogen. The model of that castle is displayed in the first hall, next to the Erik’s painting. Krogen was indeed a strong building, equal to the current castle by area (79 m by 79 m). Having built Krogen, Erik became a real master of the strait. He introduced a duty for all foreign vessels crossing it. The size of the duty was one English noble – the most stable currency of the time.

Ship cannons of the time could not damage Krogen. On the whole, that was the best argument to pay. Thus the castle appeared and became the symbol of power, might and grandeur of the Danish crown. 150 years later, another Danish king Frederik II decided to give the castle another more pleasant name, "Kronborg" – the crown castle.

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The castle is surrounded by cannons along its perimeter. They fire salute on queen’s birthday, greet the royal ship as well as fire blank charges on other special occasions. These are the oldest operating cannons in Denmark. All of them were made in the 1760s.

The main attraction for visitors is in the castle catacombs - complicated, dark, wet, intriguing and sometimes frightening, where the national warrior, hero and defender Ogier the Dane is dozing.

Tour length:  5 hours.

Tour price:
1 - 3 people 360 euro
4 - 7 people 360 euro plus minibus rental (around 200 euro)
8 - 15 people upon request.

The tour price includes the transfer, entrance tickets and guide’s services.

Specifics of the tour: a trip for the curious. You will have to walk a lot, learn about the Danish history legends, see and learn many new things about the life of the royal family.

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Kronborg castle

Kronborg castle

Kronborg castle

Kronborg castle

Kronborg castle

Defender Ogier the Dane

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