Trip to Legoland and Lalandia waterpark

In the city of Billund, 263 km from Copenhagen, in the central part of Jylland peninsula, there is a wonderful park for children and adults – Legoland. Everything in this park is made of Lego blocks – models of world-famous buildings, fairy heroes and even animals and birds are built out of more than 40 million blocks. The Park was opened in June 1968 on the area of 38 000 sq.m. and since then its area has increased to 120 000 sq. m.

Legolands territory

Video about Legoland:

In one and a half kilometres from the Legoland park of attractions, there is the biggest indoor waterpark in Denmark – Lalandia, which is also recommended for a visit, since you have covered such a long distance to get here. Therefore, we offer you a two-day trip to Legoland park and Lalandia waterpark:

Lalandia's territory

Video about Lalandia:

Schedule for a 1-day trip:
07:00 – departure from Copenhagen, 10:30 – Legoland park, 16:30 – leaving for Copenhagen, 19:30 – hotel in Copenhagen

Schedule for a 2-day trip:
Day 1: 08:00 - departure from Copenhagen, 11:00 – check in the hotel, 11:30 – Legoland park or Lalandia waterpark, 17:30 – dinner, free time.
Day 2: 9:00 – breakfast, 10:00 – Legoland park, 16:30 – leaving for Copenhagen, 19:30 – hotel in Copenhagen

Lalandia waterpark is an excellent place for family leisure. There are three swimming pools with warm water for the smallest visitors and their parents, three more swimming pools for older visitors, various water attractions for any age, Jacuzzi hydro-massage tub, as well as an aquatic town, where you can turn everything, switching on and off sprinklers of different sizes.

On the area of the waterpark there are several saunas, where trained staff carry out aroma therapy sessions twice a day pouring stones with water containing oils and magically flapping a towel bring a heat wave to the bodies of the visitors. Feeling of relaxation and peace is guaranteed after visiting Lalandia.

Polarland in Legoland

In May 2012 Legoland opened a new theme park section – Polar land, presenting full-size penguins and polar bears made of Lego blocks and sledding with unique 5 meter free fall. The Penguins harbor, 160 sq.m, is the home for the live Antarctic dwellers – 17 live penguins bathing in a large swimming pool.

We will also visit Legoland cinema, equipped with the latest high-tech audio and video devices. The construction of the cinema cost Lego company 40 million Danish crowns, and then the Grand Royal Castle, occupying the area of over 2 500 sq.m. More than 1 100 000 Lego blocks were used to create beautiful interiors awakened with light, sound, animation, as well as scents and smoke. The most courageous visitors may saddle up the Dragon, which will take them through the world of medieval adventures. And when the Dragon flies out of the Castle, it unexpectedly accelerates to the speed of 40 km/h!

The excursion to Legoland and Lalandia is currently the brightest in our range in terms of impressions, emotions and the variety of leisure activities. The ocean of joy, stream of positive emotions and the wish to come back here is guaranteed. Despite the fact that the amusement parks are rather far from Copenhagen, they are undoubtedly worth visiting and admiring.

Tour length: 1 or 2 days

Tour price: calculated on the case-by-case basis.

A one-day trip to Legoland for 2 adults and a child (under 11) will cost around 900 euros. The price includes the transfer via the paid bridge to Billund (Legoland and Lalandia) and back (around 480 km), entrance fees to Legoland, and guide’s services during the day. A two-day tour is calculated individually and the tickets are not included since they are usually bought together with hotel accommodation.

Please note! When ordering the tour 50% advance payment is required as park tickets are booked beforehand. Accommodation and meals are not included in the tour price. If there are any questions about selecting and booking the hotel, we are always ready to help our travellers.

Specific features of the tour: in Legoland a part of attractions is connected with water amusement, after which you will need to dry up your clothes in special drying rooms at extra cost or just change (take an additional outfit with you). To Lalandia you should take a swimming suit and accessories or buy them in situ at extra cost. The hotel accommodation may be selected in the parks or within 5 km from the parks – from there I will take you to the parks at any time.

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Entrance to the Legoland

A trip to the Legoland

A trip to the Legoland

A trip to the Legoland

A trip to the Legoland

Inside of Lalandia

Inside of Lalandia

Inside of Lalandia

Inside of Lalandia

Inside of Lalandia

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