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We offer you a unique opportunity to visit 2 towns in one day: Helsingør on the Danish side of the Øresund strait and Helsinborg on the Swedish one. Both towns are in the narrowest place of the Øresund strait: just 4 km separates the Danish and the Swedish sides, but nevertheless, these cities are very different, due to the history, traditions, architecture and people.

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Helsingør, founded in the early 15th century, can currently boast about its population of 60 000, whereas Swedish Helsinborg with population of 90 000 is considered to be nearly the oldest town in Scandinavia. Helsinborg was found in the 11th century and, according to the legend here was the first Viking fortress built. Both towns are somewhat similar. However, the population of Swedish Helsinborg comprises over 160 nationalities, whereas that of Danish Helsingør does not. We invite you on this trip to see these differences with your own eyes for better understanding of Scandinavian mentality.

Out trip will start from your hotel. We will go to the north of Copenhagen to the town of Helsingør, with its castle, immortalized by Shakespeare in his famous tragedy "Hamlet". Shakespeare described the castle of Kronborg in detail, the scene is set here, although that could be, that he never visited this region. Why and how it happened we will learn during our walk around the castle. This place is annually visited by over 300 000 pilgrims who hope to see the ghost of Hamlet’s father, walking along dark and complicated castle catacombs, as well as give their tribute to the warrior Ogier the Dane dozing in Kronborgs underground casemates.

First we will go to the historic centre of Helsingør and visit the ancient Carmelite monastery, the building of the 15th century, and will hear the story of the "house with ghosts". Then we will walk towards for City hall to see one of the preserved medieval streets in the very heart of Helsingør, and will see the building, where over 400 years the Øresund duty was collected. Oresund duty was a fee paid by the captains of ships to cross the Øresund strait and was the one of the main sources for the Danish treasury revenues over 400 years.

Having walked along the pedestrian street and having passed by the City hall and numerous shops, we will go to the mysterious Kronborg castle, included into the UNESCO World Heritage list. A tour around the royal apartments will show us the way kings of the past lived, celebrated and entertained themselves. We will also learn how the castle was modernized and rebuilt with time, who and when lived there. We will definitely visit the warrior called Ogier the Dane defending and guarding Denmark, and will go along catacombs of the castle, where, if lucky, we will be able to see the ghost of Hamlet’s father.

Well, full of the Danish stories and legends, we will take a ferry to Sweden for an adventure in the town of Helsinborg. Here as soon as you get off the ferry, you will feel something unique, something that cannot be felt anywhere else. A walking tour in the town will start from the tower Karnan built in the 12th century. Here we will speak about complicated relations between the Danes and the Swedes, and will find out how originally Danish area of Helsinborg became Swedish. After that we will go to the top of Karnan tower and from the height of 35 meters the whole town will be perfectly seen. Even today it is possible to look around the famous tower and those places, where there once was a local church, a chapel and a ditch surrounding these buildings.

Having enjoyed local landscapes from above, we will go to the centre of Helsinborg and will stop at the fountain named after Tycho Brahe, a famous Danish astronomer and scientist, will learn the key facts of his life, and the reason of the conflict between him and king Christian IV, as a result of which the scientist had to leave Copenhagen forever and move to Prague.

It is impossible to pass by St Maria’s church without notice. Here we will learn or perhaps even see the way the Lutheran service is held. On our way there will also be the oldest building of Helsinborg, Jacob Hansen’s house, the building preserved from the mid-17 century. Our last stop for today will be the City hall square and building, where we will learn about one of the greatest Swedish commanders and main facts from his prominent life. On the way back, we'll talk with you about similarities between Denmark and Sweden, as well as what makes those countries drastically different, such as alcohol issues, immigration policy, etc.

Tour length: 7 hours.

Tour price:
1 - 3 people 600 euro
4 - 7 people 600 euro plus minibus rental (around 200 euro)
8 - 15 people upon request.

The price includes: car rent and Copenhagen - Helsingør – Copenhagen transfer, ferry tickets Helsingør - Helsinborg – Helsingør, entrance tickets to Kronborg castle and Karnan tower, guide’s services for 7 hours. Food and drinks are not included into the price.

There is an option of this trip without the transfer from Copenhagen. In this case, you will be met by the guide in Helsingør and the tour price will be 470 euros for 2 persons, including ferry tickets Helsingør - Helsinborg – Helsingør, entrance tickets to Kronborg castle and Karnan tower, guide’s services for 5 hours. Food and drinks are not included into the price.

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Specific features of the trip: this is a unique tour, during which you will visit the landmarks in the towns of Helsingør and Helsinborg and will learn interesting facts from the history of their foundation, you will see the way medieval kings lived. You will also be able to admire breathtaking views and learn about the cultures of the two countries within one day. It will be definitely a busy but memorable day!

City hall in Helsinborg

Tower Kärnan

Helsinborg city

Sct. Maria's church

central railway station in Helsingør

Kronborg castle

Kronborg's canons

the warrior Ogier the Dan

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