Swedish pearl - Malmo!

If you have come to Copenhagen for several days and you are already a bit tired of the local sights, then, for a pleasant change, we offer you a trip to one of the best Swedish cities, Malmo, located 35 km from Copenhagen, on the other side of Øresund strait.

Location on the map:

We invite you to go on a trip where you will learn how it happened so that the originally Danish territory of Malmo became Swedish, and what is the province of Skone, where Malmo is situated, and also what the locals feel about themselves (it is well known that 11% of the local population do not consider themselves either Swedes or Danes) and why ancient merchants called this city "Elbow", how the relationship developed  between those two countries, and why they fought with each other for over 150 years.

Our trip will start from your hotel. We will rush across one of the most spectacular bridges, which connected Copenhagen and Malmo in 2000. On the way to Sweden you will learn the story of this crossing construction, which was also the subject of an episode for the Discovery channel series "Super Structures”. The Øresund (Sound) crossing is a 4-kilometer tunnel, built on the bottom of the Sound strait, which further comes out on the surface and turns into an artifical 4 km island and then turns into 8-kilometer bridge that in total have the length of about 16 km. Crossing the bridge is adventurous in itself, though not very long. We will soon be in the city of Malmo and our meeting with this welcoming city will start near the medieval fortress of Malmøhus – one of the oldest Renaissance castles.

Here we will learn about the history of Malmo, and will look at one of the local sights – a 190-metre building called Turning torso, which among the residential buildings in Europe yields only to Moscow 264-metre Triumph Palace. During the walk in Malmøhus castle you will hear the story of this place, which was erected in the first half of the 15th century, learn how the building changed transiting from a fortress to a printing house for making coins, and then it was converted into a castle, where the heir Frederik II organized such great parties and feasts that all the nobles of the time dreamt of. You will learn why this place turned into the largest prison in the 19th century and under what circumstances it became a museum.

One of the stops in our tour will be the centre of Malmo, where we will visit the oldest building in the city – Sankt Petri Church built in 1310. Just within a few metres from the church there is the City hall square, where we will see the sculpture of the person who managed to take Malmo from the Danes, and also will walk along the pedestrian street, full of small shops and souvenir stalls. Malmo is famous not only for its architectural monuments but also shopping since prices here are about 20% lower than in Copenhagen.

Walking along small winding streets in central Malmo, we will get to its heart – Gustav Adolfs square, where the symbol of the city – a Griffin wearing a gilded crown – is sitting in the fountain on the top of the globe. Here you will hear the story of one of the Danish kings Erik of Pomerania, who, by the way, built Malmøhus, and also the story of how he presented the symbol of griffin to Malmo.

Our final stop will be in the historic centre of the city in the smaller city square (Lilla torg). You can still see many buildings of the 16th century here. Having walked around this square with numerous cafés and restaurants, we will visit the oldest building, in whose yard you will be able to feel the spirit of the medieval Sweden. Then we are to take a boat trip along various canals of Malmo and will enjoy the views of this wonderful city from water. At last, we will visit a place called ”Air Fortress”, overlooking the bridge, crossing the Sound strait in 2000, that linked Danish Copenhagen and Swedish Malmo.

During the tour to Malmo you will see:
Øresund bridge, Malmohus castle, new residence area Vastra Hamnen and skyscraper Turning torso, Vastra Hamnen waterfront area, Central train station and Royal waiting rooms, new city Square, Old posthouse building, Malmo universitet, Spectrum monument, Old Exchange building, Bagels square and port authority building, Malmo live concert hall and the "singing bridge", Franz Suell statue, Korkehus - the house of Malmo's previous Governor and the owner of the mint, House with the ghosts, City hall square, Gustav Adolfs residence, who was one of the most controversial swedish kings, City hall, Karl Gustavs statue, Sankt Petri Church, the Tech house and the oldest pharmacy of 18th century, Optimists orchestra statue, pedestrian street, Market Square of 16th century (Lilla torget), medieval architecture in the old part of Malmo, the symbol of Malmo - Griffin and "Luftkastellet"  - the best observation point over the Øresund bridge. 

Tour length: 5 hours

Tour price:
1 - 3 people 550 euro
4 - 7 people 550 euro plus minibus rental (around 200 euro)
8 - 15 people upon request. 

The price includes: car rent and Copenhagen – Malmo – Copenhagen transfer, paid bridge two-way crossing, entrance tickets to Malmøhus castle, 5-hour guide’s services. Food and drinks are not included as well as tickets to the boat trip (16 euro per person).

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Specific features of the tour: This is a unique tour, during which you will visit the most interesting places in the city of Malmo, and will also learn lots of exciting history facts. Therefore, during your trip to Denmark you will see another Scandinavian country – Sweden and thus will have a better image of Scandinavia. We will learn about the development of relations between these two countries and will enjoy the colouring of the medieval Sweden by visiting buildings dating back to the 14th – 16th centuries.

Øresund bridge from Malmo to Copenhagen

Øresund bridge from Malmo to Copenhagen


City hall square

skyscraper Turning torso


skt. Petri church

Malmo city

Malmo symbol - Griffin

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