5 typical touristic mistakes

Here we will discuss 5 most common mistakes made by inexperienced tourists. Nearly all these mistakes will cost the tourist both time and money. In turn, wasting money is something thrifty tourists should avoid. Therefore, it is preferable to consider all the mistakes made by the others in order not to make them by yourself.

Excess baggage

1. Taking too much luggage.
As a result you will have to pay for extra weight or for an additional suitcase. Therewith, normally, a good half of the clothes stays unused. You should limit yourself to the essentials and the most comfortable / casual clothes. Experts advise to follow one simple rule: one outfit for two days of the trips.

Weather in Denmark

2. Weather check
Many tourists do not check the weather in the cities they are going to visit. Eventually, they have to buy warm socks, pullovers, umbrellas or, vice versa, light shorts and sandals. It is to be admitted that hastily bought clothing is seldom cheap.

Roaming in Denmark

3. Roaming
Failing to specify information about mobile roaming and rates. It is desirable to ask your mobile company about the rates in advance. It may turn out to be cheaper to buy a local sim card.

Medical insurance

4. Saving on insurance policy.
The purchase of an insurance policy before the trip may only seem useless waste of money. If you have any health problems during the visit, medical expenses may set you back a lot. Saving some twenty dollars on the policy may cost you up to 5 thousand euros for treatment. Read more on Health insurance here.

Metro in Copenhagen

5. Airport-city transfer by taxi
Taxi is the most comfortable means of transport, but it is the most expensive one too. Most often, it is exorbitantly costly. From Kastrup airport (Copenhagen) you can easily get to the city by underground, local train or bus and it will cost you five times less. Read more about transport in Copenhagen here.

And, finally, two tips from me personally: do not buy too many souvenirs. If you like something, wait for a couple of days. If you still like it as much as before, then you can buy it. Do not try to take a great number of photos. Each picture you take, as many studies show, is an obstacle for you to fully enjoy the sight.

Have a good time and look forward to seeing you again in Denmark - the land of the Vikings!

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