Copenhagen card

Tourist Copenhagen Card give the right to travel by bus, train and underground around the capital region, including to/from the airport. In addition, this card provides free entrance to over 60 museums, including “Tivoli” amusement park, Arken Museum of Modern Art, Copenhagen casino,Aquarium, Danish Design Centre, Frederiksborg castle, ZOO, a tour along Copenhagen canals etc. besides, the Copenhagen card ensures a discount from 10 to 35 % in different restaurants and recreation areas in Copenhagen, as well as discounts for the ferry to Sweden.

Copenhagen card:

Validity period ad prices.
The card validity period is 24,48, 72 or 120 hours, the price is 339 DKK, respectively. One adult may take two 2 children from under 10 years old free using one Copenhagen card. For the children from 10 to 16 it is possible to buy a card at a discount: 24 hours - 179 DKK(24 EUR), 48 hours - 239 DKK (32 EUR), 72 hours - 289 DKK (39 EUR) or 120 hours - 379 DKK (51 EUR).

Children over 16 years old will have to buy the card at the full price. The cards can be bought in hotels, railway stations and the tourist information centre. The card is enclosed with a booklet in English, German or Danish.

Copenhagen card

Before the first use of the card...

The respective spaces should be filled out with the current date and time as the full number of hours (excluding minutes) – this may be done by the sales person while selling the card or you can do it by yourself. You are to sign the card on its back side. After that you can count hours from the time indicated on the card (it is important to count hours, not days!) – and for that period of time forget about tickets, travelling freely around Copenhagen. If a controller comes up to you – show him the card – and that is it. More details on places where to buy Copenhagen card, what museums provide free entrance and what museums provide entrance fee discounts, as well as the list of the addresses of the stores and cafés/restaurants providing discounts may be found on the official website of Copenhagen card.

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