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The Danes enjoy listening to the tourists trying to speak their language. However, unlike the French, they can switch over to English if they see that the person’s command of the local language is too limited. If this is not the case, then the powerful body language may be used. Anyway, if you know a few phrases in Danish, it will only do you good.

1. Hej - Hi

2. Godmorgen, dag, aften - Good morning, afternoon, evening 

3. Hej, jeg hedder Jane - Hi, my name is Jane

4. Tak, mange tak - Thank you, thank you very much

5. Undskyld - I am sorry

6. Ja, Nej - Yes, No

7. Hvordan kommer jeg til byens centrum? - How can I get to the city center?

8. Værsgo - Here you go

9. Tak for hjælpen - Thanks for your help

10. Det var so lidt - It was a pleasure

Danish language

If you have managed to learn the first dozen of phrases, you will be able to get around in Copenhagen even if you get lost. Provided you like studying this language, I offer you another dozen of the local phrases, which you will definitely use during your stay in Denmark.

11. Jeg kan ikke lide det - I do not like it

12. Jeg kan lide det - I like it

13. Jeg har det godt - I am doing well

14. Jeg vil gerne have noget vand - Can I get a glass of water

15. Jeg vil gerne have 2 biletter - I would like to buy 2 tickets

16. Kan du hjælpe mig? - Could you help me? 

17. Jeg har mistet min vej - I have lost my way

18. Kan du vise mig, hvor jeg befinder mig på kortet? - Could you point me out, where I am on the map.

19. Favel - Good bye

20. Hej hej - See you.

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