How to avoid queues in museums?

Every day thousands of tourists spend hours queueing to museums, galleries and exhibitions in various cities worldwide. Here are several tips on how to visit a museum and waste minimum time on queueing.

1. Buy museum tickets online. In order to avoid frauds, you should do it on the museum official website only. Ticket prices, when bought online, are often even lower than those, payable at the museum ticket office. This is evidently pleasant for any thrifty tourist.

Major disadvantages of this way of buying tickets are:
- the need to use a credit card;
- the need to print out the ticket (sometimes it is optional, information on the ticket is texted to your mobile phone);
- sometimes it is required to specify the date and time of visiting the museum before buying the ticket, therefore, the ticket will be valid at that time only.

Copenhagen Card

2. Buy a tourist card that covers entrance fees to numerous city museums.
You can buy tourist card at Information office as well at any hotel in Copenhagen. This card provides you with a free access to over 60 museums, including “Tivoli” amusement park, Arken Museum of Modern Art, Copenhagen casino, Aquarium, Danish Design Centre, Frederiksborg castle, ZOO, a tour along Copenhagen canals etc. Besides, the Copenhagen card ensures a discount from 10 to 35% in different restaurants and recreation areas in Copenhagen, as well as discounts for the ferry to Swede. Read more about it here.

Ripley’s “Believe it or not”  museum

3. Buy combined tickets to museums.
Many museums offer combined tickets to visit a few museums. It is possible to buy such a ticket in any of these museums. Buy a ticket in the museum with the shortest queue, and visit the other ones skipping queues. For example, Ripley’s “Believe it or not” museum, located in Rådhuspladsen 57, offers combined tickets to 4 museums at a time: Hans Christian Andersen Fairy-Tale House, Guinness record museum, mystical Experimentarium and Ripley's Believe It or Not!.

There is an opportunity to buy a combined ticket to 2, 3 or 4 museums to your choice. The biggest discount will be given when buying a ticket to 4 museums at the price of: 229 DKK (30 EUR), 114 DKK. In this case the entrance to the fourth museum will be free for you. The validity period of the ticket is 1 year. There is an opportunity to buy a family ticket: 2 adults and 2 children – in this case, you will also get a group discount of 10 %.

4. Do not go to museums at weekends.
If you have enough time, postpone a visit to a popular museum to a weekday. At the weekend the number of museum visitors doubles, due to the locals and dwellers of the neighbouring towns, who organize a one-day trip to the city.

A lot of the national museums are closed mondays.

5. Come to a museum in the afternoon.
In fact morning queues to museums are not shorter. In addition, they can move more slowly because in the morning museums are visited by various tourist groups that frequently skip queues. In the morning many museums also provide school classes, which increases the waiting time even more. It is believed that the best time to go to a museum 2-3 hours before closing, when the queue will be at its minimum. Certainly, it is necessary to be sure that this time will be sufficient to look round the museum. Many of them close quite late (8-10 p.m.), which tourists are unaware of, so learn about the specific museum working hours in advance.

6. Do not go to museums in bad weather. Museums staff know quite well rainy days always bring more visitors to them. In fact, what else can you do when it rains? However, not only you, but also other tourists will think so. Instead, why not visit a not very popular museum on a rainy day?

Queue to museum

7. Free days in museums – long queues.
Many museums organize free days or hours. At that time it is possible to get even to the most popular museum free of charge. For example, free days every Thuesday in art museum Carlsberg Gliptoteket or every Wednesday in sculpter museum Thorvaldsen museum and at National museum – all the time. On the one hand, this is an excellent solution for prudent tourists, who can save some dozens of euros on tickets. On the other hand, before getting to the museum, they will have to queue for a long time, since there are always lots of those willing to get to a museum for free. Many locals visit museums these days. Therefore, sometimes, though it may seem offensive, it is better to pay for the entrance than to spend a day queueing.

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